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michelle stewart

Inspiring Love Story: faith reunited them part-1

Any minute now Michael would be
over to pick up the boys for their
weekend with him. I gave the house a
once-over. Not bad. I'd dusted every
room. It smelled lemony-fresh. Hardly
any dirty dishes in the sink. Laundry
What will Michael think of all this? I
thought, with a chuckle. He'd probably
wonder where I'd gotten the money to
hire a housekeeper.
Our marriage had been over for seven
years. We were civil to each other, but
that was mainly for the sake of our
sons, Johnny and Cameron. I had no
regrets, though. Michael hadn't known
what he was getting into when he
married me. He deserved better. I saw
that now.
And though I'd changed a lot since the
divorce, especially recently, I was
content to be on good terms with my
ex. I certainly wasn't foolish enough to
think things could ever go back to the
way they'd once been, when we were
two kids crazy in love.
I met Michael in high school. I was
hanging out with my sister and some
other kids when Michael drove by in a
cool car. My sister dared me to call out
to him, and I was never one to back
down from a dare. Our first date wasn't
long after that.
We fell in love hard and fast. That love
had been real; it was so intense. All
these years later, I could still recall
that feeling. We married in 1991. A big,
beautiful wedding, like I'd always
fantasized about, and a real blowout of
a party afterward. I didn't want it to
It wasn't long 'til I realized the party
was over. Married life was a different
story. I liked going out, seeing and
being seen. I mean, I was still young!
Michael? He came home from work,
had a bite to eat, watched some TV and
crawled into bed early. Way too early
for a night owl like me. Then our sons
came along, two years apart, and
another realization: I wasn't made to
be a stay-at-home mom.
I told Michael I needed to get out in the
world. I got a job at a bank. I made a
bunch of new friends and started
going out after work.
:-) thanks ZR, we like your entry and as an inspiring for us, for others.. Bye and c u
30.08.2012 10:47 EDT,
Yes honey im agree an im sure other couple will undstood if we join a party together and share our every topic based on this matter..
30.08.2012 10:47 EDT,
About love so i just want to say it LOVE IS LIFE without love our life so black-n-white... And with ernie my life so colourfull infact she makes my life happiness. An i kiss to ernie lips. Mmmuaach
30.08.2012 10:45 EDT,
:-) i like your joke, Generally, married people as having a fixed schedule, eating together, sleeping together, etc., sometimes this kind of boring routines and need entertainment, such as gathering with friends, but the couple does not support, the solution invite our couples to a party where we come in, introduce him to our friends, example raj chat with husband friend, and I chatted with her, we are familiar and feel close, do you agree @raj?
30.08.2012 10:44 EDT,
About communication so keep a bomb then blast on his/her head who create problem. Just kidding:) My answer to ernie it i have lots of loyal even love for ernie.
30.08.2012 10:42 EDT,
Wow of you.. Communication is necessary, but sometimes communication can't be running when just understand but not implemented, to ask him else to carry out the sometimes shy, so finally chose let .. To communicate express the will, we can do it at a relaxed and not when sleepy, tired, hungry, stressed because of work or in sickness
30.08.2012 10:39 EDT,
Divorce is not a solution of misundstanding.. Search problem of root then solve that critical problem an finaly everything will fine.
30.08.2012 10:38 EDT,
Hehe you ah, and . Intellect has the insight is not a guarantee that they always had a solution for the common good, sometimes a divorce is instant decision to avoid the problems that always be in it, so need communication in marriage, I explain needed communication
30.08.2012 10:37 EDT,
Keep balance between husband and wife and most important undstand each other feelings... An love will be longlasting as i do love to my ernie.
30.08.2012 10:36 EDT,
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