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michelle stewart

Inspiring Love Story: faith reunited them part-3

That first night I was terrified.
Michael's pastor was a huge man,
towering over me. I sat in his office,
unable to say a word. "I'm not here to
force you two to do anything," he said.
"I just want you to give it a try, see
how things go."
Michael and I both had scars from our
marriage. Talking with a wise and
nonjudgmental counselor helped. "Are
you two open to dating again?" he
asked us. "By which I mean a non-
intimate, nonphysical relationship. Not
even holding hands."
We agreed.
Those "dates" took place over six
months. Movies, dinners, shopping. I
felt like a teenager all over again,
thrilled to be out with such a nice guy.
Michael was still steady, low-key and
dependable. The same man I'd fallen in
love with all those years ago. I felt
myself falling for him all over again.
But what did he feel for me?
One of the very last things we were
told in our counseling sessions was to
write letters of gratitude to each other.
We had to sit down and list all the
things we were grateful for in the
other person. And no negatives. We
were to read them out loud, then pray
together. That's what happened on
our very next date.
Michael came by my place. I peeked out
the window and saw him with letter in
hand. He came inside. The boys were
sitting on the sofa. They would be part
of this too. Michael plopped down on
the floor. So did I.
"I'll start," I said. I scrunched my feet
up under me. "Dear Michael," I began.
But I didn't have to read the letter; I'd
already memorized it. "I'm so thankful
for you. You're doing an excellent job
raising our sons. I don't know how long
I have on this earth. But however long,
I want to spend it with you."
Michael read me his letter. "Dear
Michelle," it started. "You're the only
woman I've ever loved…" It went on
from there, but honestly it didn't have
to. Afterward, he took my hands. First
time in seven years. Michael's grip was
firm and true. "Lord, we want to do
what you want us to," he...
Hmm... Mentaly and phisiicaly they must be ready to accept as partner life then they should be take a dicision for start new life.
31.08.2012 11:09 EDT,
Finally they want life together, nice ending story
31.08.2012 11:08 EDT,
An if they really want to moved on be back SO every one cant help to them... Better they quite.
31.08.2012 11:06 EDT,
:-) Switching status will definitely change the circumstances, there is responsibility, should know by now who we are, we got a new life, and to be able to harmonize its from good we try
31.08.2012 11:05 EDT,
I always do respect to my ernie. An she always gve me tight hugs an mostly she gven me tasty kisses:)
31.08.2012 11:04 EDT,
Íih cute mind of you..@ raj, continue back to this story so must be prepared mentally in marriage, think about the worst thing before moving, so not really surprised by the fact that far from the dream.
31.08.2012 11:03 EDT,
If a wife/husband gven a chance to try again so its a mirricle gift of alloh(GOD) an we must be try again to dating with each other an finally they will do respect for each other.
31.08.2012 11:00 EDT,
.Just as expected, they turned out to be reunited, good stories !
31.08.2012 10:56 EDT,

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