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The Swamis and the Mysterious Light

A long time ago, there were two
swamis who lived in two neighboring
caves. They spent most of their time in
deep meditation, except the time they
ate or were visited by devotees. The
people who came to visit them revered
the two swamis, and enjoyed listening
to them and being in their proximity.
They sought their company, since they
always felt more peaceful and happy
when near them, and also for a long
time after they went away.
One cave was dark, as caves usually
are, but in the other one there was
sometimes a peculiar golden light
illuminating the cave. It was not
strong, but enough to be noticed and
to mildly illuminate the cave. The
phenomenon of the light bewildered
the visitors, but they could not come to
an agreement about the causes of the
light. Both swamis were rather silent
most of the time, and did not want to
discuss the phenomenon of the light.
The company of the swamis aroused
calmness and peace in the visitors.
Their minds slowed their incessant
chatter, and they experienced a
pleasant inner peace and inner
happiness. The visitors admired both
swamis, but believed that the one
living in the illuminated cave
possessed supernatural powers and
was more advanced. He certainly
appeared to them as a mysterious
One day a great sage was passing by a
near village, and being recognized by
the villagers, one of them approached
him and said:
"Great master, we have a question to
ask. There is a mystery which you
might solve for us."
"I will be glad to help you, if I can",
answered the sage.
"There are two swamis living here on
the hill...", the villager started to
"Yes, I know", answered the sage, "and
you inquire about the light in the
"Yes, great master, that is true. It is
something that has been a riddle for
us. Can you please tell us also, if the
swami in the lighted cave is more
advanced, and if he really possess
supernatural powers?"
"Pay attention to your inner self and ...

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