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How to be an all round good student?★

Be organized. Buy a binder. Buy a
pencil case and put all your
supplies in there. Buy a planner or
an agenda. Make sure your locker is
clean. Use your student handbook
to mark events, homework and big
Dress nicely. It shows respect. Don't
wear clothes that are too small or
too big. If you have a uniform, wear
it neatly.
Pay attention at all times and be
prepared in class. Make sure you
have done your homework and take
notes. Show that you are a willing
participant and that you are eager
to learn. If you do not understand
don't be afraid to ask the teacher.
Do not procrastinate. Leaving until
later what could be done today is
asking for trouble and crammed
results. If a report is due by Monday
and you've had three weeks to do it,
don't wait until Sunday. Try to work
on it daily for a while until you are
finished with the report.
Participate in class discussions.
When you have something to share,
raise your hand.
Work ahead of the class work. Read
further than the chapter in class. If
you want to take the lead in your
class you need to work hard!
(Sometimes, teachers don't want
you to read ahead, so this is not
always a good idea.)
Do your homework. Do homework
consistently and methodically.
Make sure that you proofread and
double check your spelling and
Prepare for upcoming tests and
quizzes and everything else in
between . Fill out the study guides if
they are supplied, or make your
own guides.
Get yourself in a good habit of
waking up a little earlier. This will
allow you to have a good breakfast
so you can learn better. Feeling
refreshed and awake are perfect
studying conditions.
Study in a quiet, non-distracting
environment . Distractions during
study time will make your studying
less effective. This includes TV,
people talking, the radio, and some
music etc. - anything that is taking
your mind off the task at hand.
Repeat newly registered
information quietly out loud. This
will enable you to remember it
more easily.
Remain calm during tests. Breathe
deep breaths when the test is being
handed out and keep a calm and
focused approach as you go
through the questions. If you have
studied well, you will know the
answers, so don't panic.
Skip the hard parts of a test. In a
test, if you are sometimes
struggling with a particular
question, skip it and continue with
the next ones that you can easily
answer. After you have finished all
the questions that you are certain
about, return to finish the difficult
ones. Use the process of elimination
on questions where you are not
sure, and guess when you can't
logically narrow it down any
Help new students find their way
around, and be a friend to them. If
you see someone being mean to a
newbie, stand up for them. Get
yourself known as a great friend
and helpful person and people will
respect you. Besides, if they can
rely on you to help them, chances
are you can rely on them when you
need help.
Join clubs and extra-curricular
activities such as the school sports
teams, drama clubs and other
things that might put on
performances for the local
community, or have competitions
against other schools . However, it is
proven that people with 3-5 extra-
curricular activities do better in
school, so don't over-load your
schedule, but don't be anti-social.
Be nice to everyone. Listen when
they talk. Don't dominate
conversations by going on and on
about yourself. If someone looks
upset and is on their own, go and
check on them. Invite them to hang
out with you. If someone is sitting
alone at lunch, invite them to sit
with you, or go to sit with them.
Perhaps they're very insecure, or
have no friends. If you befriend
them, you can help them gain
confidence in themselves. If they're
on their own because they have no
friends, chat to them, invite them to
go shopping with your friends or to
a movie. Ask questions about them:
remember, almost everyone's
favorite topic is themselves. This
follows on from the earlier step of
helping new students: people will
feel like they belong, and they'll
feel happier and more comfortable
in front of people, rather than a sad
little loner.
Run for class president and/or
school council. Something along
those lines. Even if you think it's
geeky, have a go! It's a really
honorable position to be.
Go to school with the attitude to
learn! If you are thinking that you
will totally fail the test, think again!
When you learn something new,
you will get smarter every day.
Relax! Once you are done with
homework, have some fun. Maybe
catch up on TiVo or start that book
that you've been dying to read.

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