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Tips on how to choose a good partner★

Figure out who you are. Seek to be
content and gain enough self-
awareness that you can be an
honest and open individual to
whomever you may encounter.
Work on overcoming your
weaknesses that so when the right
person comes along, you don't bring
too much personal baggage to the
relationship. Being confident and
knowing what your principles and
values are will not only attract a
partner, but also help you
determine your compatibility with
another person.
Determine what you are looking for
in a partner . Knowing what you
need will prevent you from
becoming involved in a relationship
with a person who ultimately does
not share your goals.
Ask questions when beginning a
courtship . Decide what you want to
know about a potential partner;
ethics, interests, spiritual outlook
and even diet may all be important
to your long-term compatibility. If
you want children, find out
whether a potential partner wants
to be a parent as well.
Avoid becoming intimately involved
with a potential partner until you
get to know the person .
Relationships can be clouded by
physical intimacy too soon in the
courtship. Experiencing an intense
sexual attraction to a person can be
enchanting, but it does not
necessarily mean that the person is
a good long-term partner. Though
sexual attraction and compatibility
are key to a good long-term
relationship, waiting allows you to
gain a better understanding of
whether you are compatible.
Be honest about who you are.
During courtship, it may be
tempting to appease the other
person by manipulating the truth
about your past or present situation
in order to impress her. However,
this not only leads to personal guilt,
but also poses a strong risk of
problems down the road. When the
other person inevitably learns the
truth, trust and understanding can
be greatly diminished.
Examine how you act around a
potential partner . If you find
yourself being fake or laughing at a
joke you don't think is funny, you
might be starting off on the wrong
foot. If you are relaxed in the
person's presence, you might be on
the right track.
Spend time with a potential partner.
To know if a relationship will work,
it is essential to spend long periods
of time in the other person's
company, under a variety of
circumstances. Bring the person to
your social engagements, and
introduce him to your friends and
family. If he gets along well with
your friends and family, you might
be on the right track.
Let go of expectations. During
courtship and when maintaining a
relationship, don't expect the other
person to be who they are not.
Avoid constructing an illusion
around a person, attributing to her
qualities that she lacks. Don't
expect a partner to change who she
is to appease you. Be mindful of
enjoying her for who she is.
Make sacrifices to build your
partnership . Nothing is perfect, and
there are times when you may have
to sublimate your own needs for
the sake of the relationship. A
partnership is a selfless endeavor
that requires continuous effort to

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