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Tips on how to be cool★

Be aware of how others will
perceive you . There's a difference
in letting people's judgments affect
your self esteem, and being aware
of how you come off to others.
What you are really doing is being
aware of how you look from
another person's perspective. In
terms of physical appearance:
beware of food getting stuck in
your teeth, bad breath, body odor,
toilet paper stuck to your shoe, etc.
In terms of composure; be smiley,
stand/sit up straight (it makes you
look and feel more confident), smile
generously, be polite and
considerate, etc. Definitely be
aware of your body language at all
times; analyzing body language can
be a useful tool in knowing how to
present yourself.
Be Yourself
Be yourself. It will be something
that other people will look up to.
You are unique, and you don't need
to join a clique. Make your own
friendships. Being cool is being
yourself in an outgoing way, even if
you are quiet but not sullen and
passive/aggressive. Don't try to be
like anyone else. Live life for who
you are. Don't lose sight of yourself
or your morals. Being cool isn't
about changing who you are, its
about being confident enough to let
people see how awesome you really
Relax. Seriously. Constantly telling
yourself that you are a crap
socialiser creates anxieties that
play on your mind the next time
you converse with someone. You
then focus on said anxieties, and
the whole thing becomes one big
cycle of self-fulfillment.[1]
Practice self disclosure. The more
you disclose yourself the better you
understand yourself. Self-
disclosure is both the conscious and
subconscious act of revealing more
about oneself to others. This may
include, but is not limited to,
thoughts,feelings, aspirations,
goals, failures, successes, fears,
dreams as well as one's likes,
dislikes, and favorites.
Remember that people are your
equals . Even a group of people is
equal to you. If you're talking to a
potential employer, a group of
wealthy donors, a child, a stranger,
the president of the United States,
or an attractive guy or girl, for
example, remember they are
neither better than you or worse
than you are. They should be
treated as you should be treated.
Be respectful of other people, but
expect that they will accept you as
such. When someone is
disrespectful to you, ignore them
until they figure it out. Not as if you
didn't hear your antagonist, but
casually and conversationally
disregard their remarks. There is a
reason that they didn't show
respect towards you or the person
didn't do what you asked of them. It
may be because they are unhappy,
someone hurt them recently, you
were disrespectful towards them, or
because they were never taught
the correct way to act around
people. But always know it is for a
reason, be willing to find out what
the reason is as long as you want
them to respect you.
Present Yourself
Present yourself in a positive way.
Walk with good posture and look
people in the eye. If you slump or
stare at your feet, people won't
respect you. You have to look and
feel confident in order to receive
the respect you need. Don't walk
too fast either because it looks like
you are running away.
Smile. Be a habitual,
unrepentant over-smiler, with
every grin being a genuine one.
If you smile when you meet
someone, you instantly appear
confident, friendly and relaxed.
Confident, friendly, relaxed
people are much more
appealing than their uptight
Be fit! Most people at school who
get picked on are usually either fat
or they smell gross, so run and keep
in good shape. Eat healthy too.
Know that you will never be able to
please everyone. Try hard, but
don't be so concerned with judging
yourself or being judged by others.
People have millions of ways to get
under your skin. Learn to spot them
and become immune. Be happy with
yourself and do what you enjoy.
Practice decent hygiene. Be sure to
brush your teeth every morning
and every night. And whenever you
can, even after lunch. Wear
perfume (if you're a girl) and spray
on a bit, just a bit of cologne (if
you're a boy). Shower every day
[strictly important] and wear
deodorant(optional). Also use
lotion so that your skin is not like
ash and a good idea is to wear chap
stick.You should wash your face
every morning to keep fresh and
pimple free.
Be An Individual
Understand that some people won’t
get it . While it feels amazing to
dazzle people with your quick wit,
sometimes you will meet someone
who just doesn’t get you. They’ll
look at you quizzically and ask you
to clarify what you thought was a
cuttingly observant pop-culture
reference. Doesn’t matter. What’s
fascinating about humans is that
they are so diverse. Senses of
humor vary wildly. If you’re getting
blank looks, just be polite, excuse
yourself, and chronicle any
embarrassments later in a stand-up
comedy routine.[3]
Don’t just think about it — do it. It’s
all very well to read books and
blogs about self-improvement, but
you have to actually get out there
and apply the theories that
resonate with you. Do it! It’s scary
but so, so invigorating. Who knows
who you’ll meet and what they
might be able to offer you? (Fun,
intellectual stimulation, a pony
ride, a job…)[4]
Trust your friends. There’s a reason
they hang around you. The
personality traits you despise in
yourself may be the very quirks
they find endearing. Let them
decide instead of presenting an
incomplete version of yourself to
the world.[5]
Don't be afraid to be different.
Whether that means standing up
for yourself, defending someone
else, or taking interest in something
that no one else does, like playing
an instrument, try to be different
and stand out. The coolest people
are the ones who occasionally
break against the tide and make
people question the status quo.
Insecure people will, at times,
become jealous of you. These
people will try to get to you, in an
attempt to take the attention off of
you and bestow it upon themselves.
The important thing to remember is
not to smile in weakness, just
ignore them. Not as if you didn't
hear your antagonist, but casually
and conversationally disregard
their remarks.
Speak up. Observe people who are
"cool"; they usually speak
confidently and clearly, at a good
pace. They don't chatter rapidly,
pause, say uhh, umh..., or mumble.
They say what they mean, and
mean what they say. Be confident
in your word and don't let anyone
try to change it. If you state your
opinion and people disagree, don't
worry. You said what you felt and
people will respect you for that,
unless you say it knowing it will
offend someone. However, make it
count. Don't shout out your opinion
just to be heard. Make sure it's
relevant, and be ready to back it up
Be friendly, but not excessively
eager . Everyone loves someone
who is outgoing, but nobody likes
someone who is overly excited.
Many people find someone who is
overeager to be annoying. Try not
to force yourself on people. Smile
and strike up a conversation, but
make sure you know the line
between friendly and obsessive.
Be a good conversationalist.
Everyone loves someone who
knows what to say at the right
moment. Don't be a conversation
dominator. You don't need to share
a similar story at every setting. Just
listen and comment briefly on the
other person's story. Most of the
time, it is much better to be sort of
quiet and analyze the conversation,
enjoying the humor of your friends
and being a good listener. Most
people want to talk about
themselves. If you keep the
conversation concentrated on
others, then people will love to talk
to you. Then wait for the right
moment to make a comment,
usually to great result. However, if
you come up into the middle of a
quiet group of people, it is better to
take a Tony Stark approach. Be
playful! Joke around with them.
Making fun of people is fine, but
make sure that you know the limits
on it and that the people you're
around are the kind of people who
know you're kidding.
Refrain from using too many
colloquialisms . This may make you
appear as "fake" or unable to grasp
your respected language. Speak
normally, clearly and confidently
(see #6) and if you feel it is
necessary adopt a more formal
register and use polysyllabic words.
However do not go overboard as
this may make you appear
pretentious, this being just as bad
as seeming fake. Finding the right
balance in your speech is important
to making you seem intelligent and
somewhat sophisticated in the
presence of your peers.
Use humor. Cool people always use
humor and ease in any situation.
They don`t get annoyed and angry,
and no matter how many bad
things happen to them they don't
take it too harshly; they make jokes
about it. They have excellent
emotional awareness and they
don't let bad emotion affect them,
they have awesome emotional
control and understanding.
Learn how to laugh at yourself.
Being cool doesn't mean being
perfect, and being able to find
humor in your moments of
clumsiness and discomfort is
the defining hallmark of being
cool. People will not only
respect you for it, but ...

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