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Your thoughts on western culture and our indian culture?
Western culture is nothing infront of ourIndian Culture, because i think their culture is variable & our culture is totally stable.We are still following our ancient culture made by our ancestors, but in western countries, their culture still changing,almost all the western countries has adopted a single culture leaving their own culture. There is no any limit of wants & needs in western countries,but in India, there's a limitationset by our great ancestors & we all indians are following their footsteps confidently.
Western culture promotes their business & social developement but We Indians are promotting our Spiritual Developement. Its the big difference! Yeah, Its true that some indians are trying to adopt or already adopted western culture but it doesn't matter,becouse 'A spoon of dirty water can't make the whole river dirty'..

Express your self with one word linked with another.
I am the best being little bit crazy,naughty & funny hehehe....

What is winning and losing in your view?
Both are enter-related terms,Just like the two edge of a coin, If you got 1 ,you can't get the other at the same time..if any one has become a winner,he/she will be a looser in future & when some one has become a looser,it is fix that he/she will be a winner..I would like to say about it that 'A winner must first know, what loosing's like.'

When I first approached you on peperonity to give an interview, what were the thoughts in your mind? I mean 'Is he joking?' or this 'Is he mad?' or other...?
Not that...I was just surprised,becouse noone had asked me for that before & I alsohaven't seen anyone giving interview on net. I was very excited that time and little bit narvous too.....I hadn't given anyinterview before was ready for this new experience that day....

How did you get the idea of making peperonity a better site with the unique idea FTF?
Well.....As I said in my previous interview that I had joined here on pep almost 2 years before.Those days I hadn't any idea about this site.I was just seeing herebad mannered people only.....I mean abusers in the chatrooms/Id hackers/A lots of fake id's/Porn sites etc.
That time Ithought Its not a good site,and decided toleave it forever...finally I had done the same & left pep.When I came back here last year, I decided to do only my work & not to take attention on others.During my new journey on pep I came across some senior/decent people....then I started enjoying this site with them....butsoon some of my senior friends left this site due to the big abusers & fake id's.
.Then I had an idea in my mind to do something to kickout these abusers & fake id's creaters.That time I didn't know anyone here,thats why I had left a comment in Sandy's Guestbook on this issue.....I didn't get any reply.Then I thought I have to do something;but I wasfeeling helpless.So,I was waiting for the right time.Soon, I came in contact with anamazing man-SKS. Gradually our friendship started building up.....and we become best friends...then he told me about the A-2k Family & requsted to join......I agreed on his proposal & finally joined lately due to my exams.
After joining A-2k & spending some time I came in contact with many intelligent/hardworking/decent & helping minded friends. Then I felt that Its time to start a campaign together to fight against these abusers/fake id's/porn sites creaters.We all members had discussed in a meeting about this. This results in [FTF] . Its the short form of

Choose any one
a. India under anna hazare's leadership
b. India under presidential system
c. India under congress leadership.
Funny choosing. :)
I don't like any option, but I've no any other option thats why I'll go for Option no.-'C'.

I would like to go for the option C...Because India has got a lot of progresses in different fields....not only in trades/export-import but also in our social developement.By the way Anna hazare is also doing well...but some wants in his Lokpal Bill is really objectable.....and our UPA is in the process of finding a suitable & acceptable presidential system its not possible to controll the whole system of India...becouse India is one of the biggest cities in the world!!! So,we need to keep patience & support our national government.Its from just my point of view...different people has different views on this issue.

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