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Dated 14/09/2012

by ZR

SPECIAL GUEST: Rehan Khan, his profile
His Blog:

Let's begin the conversation:

Q1. What is in the view of
Rehan Khan?
Answer: In my view peperonity is a place where
heart meets,a place where people share
their thoughts with people from all over
the world and a place where specially i
feel happy. . . .

Q2. What makes a no.1
mobile site according to you?
Answer: In my view its uniqueness makes it a best
site. . . .its a place where one can share
his views by means of blog,its a place
where everyone is equal to do
everything. . . .i love

Q3. Do you find a safe
site to be online? I mean the site is now
emerging as a porn full site... So, is it
good for all the ages who come here?
Answer: No,not at all coz porn is a disease which
is affecting peoples of every age and this
is i dont like of this site. . .i want it to be
clean and best,and want it to be suitable
for everyone. . . .

Q4. When you hear about site of the
week, what comes to your mind?
Answer: When i was new here,i was very excited
about blog of the week but nowadays
because of porn i dont see it good. . . . In
my view it is just stupidity.

Q5. Which is your favourite social
networking site online? Why?
Answer: Peperonity because i love to write and
share whats in my mind,and by means of
blog here i got opportunity to do so and
thats the best of this site. . . .

Q6. When did you join
What was your first reaction when you
had logged in for the first time?
Answer: I didn't know the exact date but i know it
was mid of 2008,when i first join
here....after joining i was very much
excited coz it was my first id on any
social networking site....

Q7. What's special about your id 'rehankhan0070'?
Answer: I loved it coz it was my first username on
any site and from the day i join here and
till now,i didn't change it at is a
combination of me and james bond.

Q8. Do you think that we can control the
porn sites which are emerging as a bad
luck to How can we?
Answer: Ya we can control it by making aware of
the harmful effects on one's mind.....but
it is difficult to do so without the help of
peperonity moderation team....together
we can,together we will and insha allah
one day pep will be cleaned from porn....

Q9. Which is your favourite corner on I mean like chat rooms,
A-2k, site of the week, searching friends
through Find Friends button, or etc?
Answer: knowing about A-2k family i become a
fan of this family...other then this i like
searching friend option,where we have
option to find person from all over the
world....and my best favourite is my blog.

Q10. Which is your favourite site/blog on Why so?
Answer: Firsty i love my blog the most....other
then mine i love my frnd ernies mobile
blog coz everytime i read her blog i
became happy....i also love raj bro's blog
coz its make us feel about love....before i
didn't like any sites coz in every site
there is porn...but knowing about A-2k
sites and all i loved and like it very

Q11. Which is your best moment on Why?
Answer: My best moment here in peperonity is
when my blog was selected blog of the
week and i got to know about it when my
friends congratulate me...on that day i
was very very much happy...

Q12. Which is your most worst moment
on Can I know why?
Answer: Sometimes when i didn't get any
messages or comments,i feel the worst another worst day here is
when my friend(i didn't want to mention
name),unfriend me coz of no
that time i was feeling very very bad....

Q13. What are your thoughts on anti-
religious propaganda on the internet?
Answer: I didn't like it at all coz it divides and fill
hatred in minds of my view it
should be banned from every social
networking sites....i didn't support any
this kinds of propagandas,no matter it
belongs to my community or
other...spread just love,not hatred.

Q14. What will be the one thing without
which your modern life doesn't move
on? For example cell phone or internet
or etc.
Answer: Both cell phone and internet....without
these thing my life will nt go on....i want
to be connected to my virtual frnds...

Q15. What's the best part of being
yourself in this world...?
Answer: I am what i am and i do what i
want..thats my philosophy of life and my
way to live it....

Q16. What are your views on A-2k
Answer: I m great fan of A-2k sites and all family
members coz it makes me feel nice and
shows new way of best here...

Q17. We know that your blog expresses
your feelings.... Can you describe more
on this?
Answer: My blog just reflect what is me and what
is my thoughts....every entry are from
my heart thats why i love it very is very much near to my heart.

Q18. Do you find my celebrity
corner interesting?
Answer: Ya your celebrity corner is very much
interesting and nice...its a great thing
that you are doing....just wanna say keep
it up.

Q19. According to you what's the
difference between real life and online
Answer: I cant differentiate it coz fakers are now
there in both real and virtual life,so i
cant say anything more about it.

Q20. What are your thoughts on A-2K
Answer: This is the best corner of pep coz it
makes celebrity to all users whom u i m so much happy coz
of you...thank you so so much.

Q21. Who's your favourite A-2k family
member? Can I know why?
Answer: I will not say any specific name coz each
and every member of A-2k family is very
nice and very best all are
doing great job...keep it up.

Q22. Which is your the most favourite
thing in the world?
Answer: The most favourite thing in the world is
what i like from my heart....i always
depend on my heart for everything...

Q23. If you were asked to make three
wishes, what would you wish for?

Firstly i would wish to make each and
everyone happy..
Seconly i would wish to become a
Thirdly i would wish to become a super
hero so that i can help every needy

Q24. Are you dating someone online?
Answer: No i m nt dating anyone online.

Q25. Do you like pets? Which is your
favourite pet?
Answer: Ya i like favourite pet is dog but
i dont have any pet in my house.

Q26. Nature gives everything to anybody
irrespective of various differences
among us, now the question is what did
you return to the nature?
Answer: Ya i didn't give anything in return to
nature which gives almost every good to
us....but i promise you here that i will try
to plant trees and do whatever
necessary to protect nature...

Q27. How many interviews have you read
so far on
Answer: I have read almost all interviews which
are there on your site and i m really very
much happy to see such beautiful and
lovely interviews...

Q28. Who is your idol who inspires you in
every single second of your life?
Answer: My prophet muhammad....he is a
inspiration for me and many other,in
every stage of life..

Q29. What's your ambition in life?
Answer: To become a prime minister of india...

Q30. Have any secret to share with your friends?
Answer: Ya i have a secret which i want to share
here and with my friends is my real
name is sahzad...

your favourite things like favourite
colour, actor, actress, drink, food, tv star,
tv show, tv channel, action hero, place,
sport, sport personality, politician, lucky
number, best friend, and so on..........

Answer: Colour-green
actor-salman and aamir
actress-mahima chaudry
tv show-satyamev jayate
tv star-every good artist
sport-cricket and football
sport person-shahid afridi and messi
politician-rahul gandhi
singer-atif aslam,md rafi and mukesh
food-whatever my mom cooks
drink-dil jo chahe,especially water
my dream-to go on a world tour and all.,

comes to your mind when you hear the
following: 1. Favourites 2. Online
enemies 3. Profile picture 4. SRK 5. India
6. Friend 7. Hate 8. Love 9. Best 10.
Answer: 1. What ever makes me happy becomes my
2. I came online to make friends not
3. Picture in which i look more smart then
what i m really..
4. Srk the multitalented artist..
5. India a place where there is so much
diversity but yet there is so much unity...
6. Friends a basic need of life...
7. I hate the one who hates me..
8. Love everyone and get back love in
9. I am the best..
10. Porn a disease which affects a healthy
mind and makes it worst...

Wanna say any thing to your friends and
Answer: Ya i want to say to my frnds that pls visit
my blog and write their precious
comments...dear frnds your ...

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