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Dated: 05/04/2013

by ZR

Special Guest: MR. RSR
His profile:
His no.1 cyber wrestling blog:

Who is mr. ЯSR™?
Okay, lets hear from him only....

RSR: I am rajvinder singh ratan,a sikh from odisha,i am currently studying b tech in GIET,i am not a simple person..a bit complex..little pshyco..maybe funny..i dont know but i try to be happy most of the time and i hate making enemies....

→Q1. What is in your view?
» Reply: Peperonity is a social networking site...i came here 4 years back and now i am addicted to it.... it's now a big part of my life and the sites i run are my way of thanking pep for heping me make so many friends....

→Q2. What are your views on peperonity's negative side i.e. Over porn, scams and etc....?
» Reply: I really really hate it.... i hate whenever i browse pepe..and someguy with fake id..send me a message about any site..and its happening too much..i have complained it in sandy's site and many does the same but there is no action being taken by peperonity..this is really sad.... :(

→Q3. Who should be blamed for this?
» Reply: Peperonity...i think...and they should take actions against complains filed...and also the guys who make fake profiles...if any one of them reading this...DUDE THIS IS A SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE not an AD site....

→Q4. What are your thoughts on A-2k family?
» Reply: I am following it since it's started.. SKS is my friend and i also suggested few things to him..and look now it is a large family expanding day by day gaining more followers...i am also a fan of it..and always will be....

→Q5. Tell us about your wrestling sites in brief.
» Reply: I have two main is which i bet is the biggest site with collection of over 110+ wrestlers image galleries..and i also added raw,sd and impact results there..its a total package..and my other siteis which is cyber wrestling gives us a virtual stage to have fun and win titles..its just like a videogame but an online video game....

→Q6. Why one should join cyber wrestling sites?
» Reply: If anyone who is a wrestleing fan..must have had a dream of having a match just like those wrestling stars..but we know its not possible but via cyber wrestling sites u can virtually live ur dream u can create ur character and have matches..have titles and become a legend..thats why one should join cyber wrestling sites.

→Q7. Tell us about your history in pep?
» Reply: It was 5th of feb, 2009 when i was searching a way to create a site of my own online it was then when i found about and when i entered the site i felt like i was in a whole new dimension...i saw people from all over the world sharing their thoughts...creating site and all over that..making friends...thats why i love peperonity..and i am here since 5 years.... :)

→Q8. What's the best & wrost thing about pep?
» Reply: The best thing about pepe is that we can make friends from other countries, talk to other people and learn more about them and their culture..i may sound a bit funny but thats true..i have learnt a lot from pep..and the worst things i mentioned earlier the pornography and the fake ids...if pepe finds a way to remove all these garbage..this site will become clean....

→Q9. Tell about pcw more briefly.
» Reply: PCW is a cyber wrestling poeple sign up..get a name and fight weekly with others by commenting..which inculdes how you are beating or throwing your opponent..person with best comments you can win title like pcw cyber heavyweight title..or tag team title..etc...we have monthly special events..and many more..u can get more info when you visit

→Q10. What obstacles you have faced as an admin of pep's biggest cyber wrestling site to achieve what pcw is now?
» Reply: Many..i have to edit my site daily..keep an eye on pipe bomb section where you can cut promo like in real pro wrestling..i keep a check on foul words being used..i have to refer the matches..give decisions..make logos.update win and loses..advertise..and i have partners too for these stuffs..and i have few enemies that i dont want to name..over all its a tough job but i love it.... :)

→Q11. What difference you see in pep when you were a new user and as of now?
» Reply: Too many fake ids..too many adult sites..too many disturbances in pep....pepe is right now in a really bad condition and we have to solve it more over peperonity team have to solve it..otherwise we may lose many friends....

→Q12. What do you think, the role of a user to keep pep free from illegal things?
» Reply: Its up to us..we are the one who do these illegal things and we should be the one to check it....and i want to say to anybody who is involved in any of these things..listen guys..pepe is very special site.plz..plz dont ruin it....

→Q13. What is your best moment on pep?
» Reply: Well i dont have any right sites have never become site of the week..or most visited no best moments....

→Q14. Whats your wrost moment on pep?
» Reply: When my site wrestling.planet got an explicit tag..i was really sad because of it..

→Q15. Which is your fav. Blog/site on pep? Why?
» Reply: My fav site due to games...and favorite blog for the same reason..i am a big gamer you know....

→Q16. Does your blog represents you? How?
» Reply: No it doesnt ....i just choose the name cause its catchy but in my blog i upload..memes..which is like..but now a days due to being busy..i am unable to update my blog....

→Q17. What would you like to prefer more fb or twitter or pep? Why?
» Reply: I would definitely prefer i love it and enjoy my time here...on fb and on twitter there are many poepl whom we know and cannot do things we want to..but here in pep we can have fun be more frank with friends....

→Q18. Do you find peperonity an advanced social networking site? Why?
» Reply: Yes, it is advanced..cause it is just like facebook but also gives us a way to create our own blog and sites..that many of us ,who are not html experts,dream of...

→Q19. Have you heard aboutfix-the-fox, FTF in short, a site which aims to see pep at much a safer state than it is now?
» Reply: Yes heard about it and visited the page..and i have to say with spotlight given to it we can actully bring some changes in pepe..i wish that site gets more attention....

→Q20. What do you think is the responsibility of the pep user who uses it?
» Reply: The biggest responsibility is to keep pepe clean from all these porn and all these fake ids...stay away from all these and advice others to do the same...dont make racially biased sites..make friends with all and enjoy this great site to its full....

→Q21. Your likes and dislikes?
» Reply: Likes-pro wrestling,painting,video and pic editing,reading manga,comics ,watching anime,cartoons,documentries,action movies,superhero movies,eating,and many more....
Dislikes-playing cricket,chess,arguing and bad food.

→Q22. Your favourite things like fav colour, food, music,singer,dance style,role model and so on....
» Reply: fav colour-white, food-chicken,music-rap,singer-honey singh,dance style-lyrical hip hop,role model-no one..i am just trying to be me,place-my home..

→Q23. Whats your aim in life?
» Reply: To earn money.., simple!

→Q24. Want to say anything to your friends and visitors...?
» Reply: To my friends..thank you for being my friends and visitors..thank you for visiting my sites and keep visiting to get new stuffs..OLE

→Q25. Lastly what are your views on A-2K FAMILY and also A-2K PCC, How was your experience with me in this interview? Do u like peps celebrity corner?
» Reply: A-2k is a group that i have seen growing from a small group to what it is today..i was with a-2k in what they do and always will be..whatever you people do is for pepes good and hope other pepe members will see that and join in to help pepe..good luck to you guys.... I really enjoyed was awesome..i shared my pepe experience with you..and abt pcc..i follow it and love it..its really good idea and best of luck.

What do you get in your mind when you hear the following:
a. Inhumanity
b. Religious propaganda
c. Friendship list in pep
d. India
e. Sorry
» Reply:
a; terrorism
c;too big
d;my land
e;no i am not.

He is a good man, we are friends for 2 years, even he is my blog partner, it would be much less if i talk about him but want to say that he is good hearted, he is often busy, rarely online but daily online when he finishs his works.... :)
- Ernie

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