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i gjkigrk


It had been about a year since we had seen Larry at our Summer Picnic. I had left my wife home to clean while I went out topick up some lunch. As I drove down my driveway I noticed a strange car parked by the garage. I parked my car and wentinside quietly opening the front door. I could hear some voices in the living room so I crept into thekitchen. As I peered around the corner, I saw my wife dressed in a long teeshirt and my old buddy Larry alsodressed in a tee shirt and shorts.I could see my "A" type ladder setup beneath a ceiling fan and a pileof vacuum cleaner stuff on the floor. It was kind of warm in the house and I heard my wife ask Larry to her her clean the ceiling fan. He replied that he would as her straightened the ladder. Meanwhile, I noticed my wife bendover and sorting the vacuum cleaner tools. Larry was intently watching her as her back was towards him and her tee shirt slowly crept up her back exposingher panties. Being self conscious she reached back and tried to cover herself. She turned around and handed him the vacuum cleaner hose and returned to the pile looking for the other end. As her shirt slid upagain, I noticed Larry set the hose down and slide his shorts off. He was wearing a pair of real short silky boxers that barely covered his cock. He quietly walked up behind my wife, placed his hands on her silky panties andbegan to massage the cheeks of her butt. I could see her try to resist by standing up, but applied pressure to her back to hold her down. As he took a step forward, he positioned his cock between her cheeks and began massaging her back as he slid his hands under her tee shirt. She told him this was wrong and that I would be home soon. He responded by sliding his hand down her back and over her cheeks. His fingers came to rest on the moist material covering her pussy. As hestroked the silky material I could hear her begin to moan. He then slid his other hand down to assist him. While one hand peeled the material away, exposing the lips of her pussy, the other began massaging her lips. Slowly, his fingers searched the length of her lips, looking for her juices. Finally, he became impatient and slid his finger between her lips. She screamed with pleasure as hisfingers explored her pussy. I couldsee her body begin to quiver as his fingers slid deeper inside. Then, I saw her body jump as she again screamed with pleasure. He knew his fingers had found her hard clitoris. His fingers continued their search for more juices. Whenhis hand had stopped I knew he had found her hole. Her knees began to shake as his finger slid deeper inside. I knew he was victorious as he pulled his wet fingers from her pussy. He moved his fingers to hisface where he slid his fingers intohis mouth. As she stood up and turned around he began to moan with pleasure as he sampled her fresh juices. When he was done, he pulled his fingers from his mouth, leaned forward and kissedher on her lips. As their lips parted she again told him that this was wrong and they still had a job to finish. As he turned his back and walked towards the ladder she gave the legs of her panties a slight tug downward. Her eyes followed his body as he slowly climbed the ladder. When hestopped at the second step from the top, she gazed at his shorts. She could see the head of his cock hanging just below the hem of his shorts. Her hand drifted down to her crotch where her fingers began to play with her pussy. As he looked down at her she quickly pulled her fingers fromher panties and grabbed the vacuum cleaner hose. She climbed up the ladder in front of him and gave the hose to his hand. As he stretched to clean the blades of the fan his legs began to wobble. He looked down at her and askedher to use her hands to steady his legs. She climbed another stepand placed her hands behind his thighs. As he again reached up to the fan the head of his cock became even with her face. As she looked at his cock her hands began to slide up his thighs. Her hands did not stop their journey until they had slid inside his shorts and began caressing hisnaked cheeks. I could see his hands begin to fall as he treasured the feel of her touch. As she massaged his cheeks, his cock began to grow. She leaned forward and kissed the tip. His legs began to shake as she slowlybegan to play with the tip using her tongue. Finally she was ready,her hands began to fall grabbing his shorts as they moved down. She moved her head back to eagerly watch as his cock came into view. Her eyes opened wide and her mouth fell open as his cock became fully exposed. She gasped for breath as she had never seen a cock this long before. Her hands continued to pull his shorts down. When his shorts reached his feet she gave them a tug and he slowly stepped free of them. As he tossed his shorts to the floor her eyes returned to inspect his growing cock. She reached up with her hand and wrapped her fingers around his enormous member. Slowly she leaned forward and kissed the tip a few times. Eventually she parted her lips and extended her tongue. I could see his eyes begin to close as her tongue began to play withthe tip. His knees began to shake as she slid his cock into her mouth. Finally, he began to moan with pleasure as she slowly beganto suck the tip of his cock. As his body began to shake, she guided his cock from her mouth. He looked down at her as her descended the ladder. When his face was even with hers, he leaned forward and kissed her. Hisarms slid down her body and grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt. As their lips began to part, he slowly began to pull her shirt up. She raised her arms above her head as he slid the shirt free of her body. Slowly they began todescend the ladder, their eyes exploring each others bodies. When they reached the floor, he walked towards her, his large cock bouncing with each step. She reached forward and grabbed his shirt at the waist and slowly slid it up his body. He extended his arms over his head as she slid his shirt free from his body. Next, she laid back down onthe couch. She hung one leg over the back and her other foot was on the floor. As he stood looking at her body, he could see the silky material between her legs was wet with her juices. She slid her fingers into her panties and slowly began to play with her juicy lips. Finally, he could not stand it any longer and leaned forward, grabbed her panties with his hands and slid the slowly down her legs. As they slipped free of her body, he brought them to his face where her rubbed them over his nose. He pulled them away and tossed them on her breasts as he told her how sweet her pussy smells. As she spread her legs wide he could see her pussy glistening with her juices. He leaned forwardand buried his face in her pussy, his tongue eagerly sampling her juices. Her breathing became faster and her body began to quiver as his tongue cleaned the juices from her pussy. After a while, she screamed with pleasureas his tongue slid slowly over her hard clitoris. As his tongue began to circle her clit her body began to quiver. His tongue left her throbbing clitoris in search for more of her fresh juices. When histongue had found her hole she again screamed with pleasure. As his tongue probed deeper her body began to shake. He could feel the juice coming so, he thrusthis tongue deeper. Her body grewtense and she screamed loudly asher body was overcome with orgasm. S he reached down, grabbed his head and pulled it towards her face. As his lips reached hers, his cock began to enter her pussy. As she kissed him, she wrapped her arms around his body and pulled it towards hers. As his cockslid deeper into her pussy, her kiss increased with passion. He could feel her pussy close tightly around his cock. As he pushed deeper, her lips left his, she screamed and her body shook with orgasm. His cock began to throb, his body grew tense and he kissed her as his body was overcome with orgasm. As they kissed he could feel his warm fluidfill her throbbing pussy. When he was done he collapsed on top of her body. By now, I could stand it no longer and decided to show myself. As I walked into the room, I could see Larry had noticed me. He began apologizing profusely as he slowly pulled out of my wife. I walked over to him and told him everything was all right. As he continued to apologize I grabbed his head with my hand, pulled his face towards mine, and kissed him. As we kissed I reached down with my hand, grabbed his wet cock and began to stroke him till he was hard. When our kiss had ended, I looked over at my wife and saw her fingers were playing with the wet lips of her pussy. Meanwhile, Larry was slipping my shirt off. His hand slid into my briefs and my shorts. As they slid down my legs, he dropped to his knees and as he pulled them free of my feet he grabbed my cock and slid it into his mouth. While he was sucking my cock, I looked over at my wife, her fingers were glistening with their juices, her eyes were closed and her body was beginning to quiver.As I felt my cock beginning to come, I began to moan with pleasure. His tongue began to play with the tip of my cock. My heart was pounding quickly as I let my juices flow into his mouth. When I was done, Larry got to hisfeet brought his face towards mine, my cum leaking from his lips,and kissed me. As our lips parted, I felt my cum flow from his mouth into mine. Our tongues met as we cleaned each others mouths. When our kiss had ended, I looked over at my wife, her body was shaking asher fingers frantically played withher pussy. As we watched, her body grew tense and her breathing had turned to panting as her body was overcome with orgasm. She brought her hands to her face where her tongue began to clean her fresh juices from her fingers. As I moved towards her she spread her legs wide, her body still shaking from orgasm. I could see the juices flowing freely from her throbbing pussy. As I knelt on the edge of the couch, I pushed her legs to her chest, spreading her legs and cheeks wide. I could see her juicesflowing down between her cheeksand over the little puckered opening of her ass. I leaned forward, extended my tongue and began to clean the juices from her ass. As my tongue moved up the moist valley to the opening of her pussy, her body began to quiver as I cleaned the juices from her hole. As my tongue began to clean the lips of her pussy, her body grew tense and her fast breathing had turned to panting. When my tongue reached its goal, her hands grabbed the couch and shescreamed with pleasure as my tongue began to clean her hard clit. By now my cock was becominghard as Larry had been sucking and playing with it. My wife grabbed my face with her hands, Ireleased her legs and fell forwardonto her body. She pulled my facetowards her and began to clean her juices from my face. When shewas done, her lips met mine and we kissed. Her arms wrapped around my body as she pulled my body towards hers. As my cock had found its way to her pussy I slowly slid it inside. When my cock was almost seated, she clamped her pussy around my cock, which triggered my cock into cumming. While we kissed, my cock filled herpussy with my juices. When we were done, I laid on my side next to her. Larry knelt between our legs and ...
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