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The hotel (new)

A weekend away! Woo Hoo! The idea of spending a whole weekend together excited me. So many sexyscenarios flashed through my mind. The chance for us to spend time alone, just the two of us, locked away from our normal everyday busy lives where there was always something to be done, no privacy, no time to indulge ourselves. So the thinking began… Erotic thoughts and desires, hot, sultry glances, sexy talk, dressing up, touching, caressing, exploring our boundaries. This weekendwas going to be special. The journey down was spent idly chatting about our morning, relaxed and without a care in the world. Anticipation coursed through my veinsas we neared our destination. At last we arrived. The Hotel was smart, very modern and sophisticated. We checked in and entered the lift up to the top floorwhere our sanctuary was waiting for us. The lift was brightly lit and I glanced at you. Your big, sexy blue eyes shining at me as we rise in the lift. We are alone. Your hand snakes around my back pulling me close to you and I can feel your breath on my neck as you whisper you love me and can’t wait to make love to me. My nipples stiffen and my breathing quickens as I feel your hardness pressing against my thigh. We reach our floor and the lift door opens. I blush as we step out to an anxious, impatient queue of people all waiting for the lift. Room185. We walk towards our room. I am thinking only of closing the door and enjoying every moment of the next48 hours, together – alone. The corridor is long and narrow and your hand is caressing by bum as we walk, making my pussy ache for your touch, your tongue and your big hard cock. “Take off your thong” youwhisper as we approach room 185. “What? Here?” I ask, my voice trembling. I can feel my heart pounding away in my chest. “Yes, here” you reply, staring into my eyes. Passion and fear rise within me and I can’t help but laugh nervously as I search your face wondering if you are serious or not. “I said take off your thong. I want you to turn around, bend forward veryslowly and provocatively and show me your gorgeous ass. Then I wantyou to slowly peel off your thong. I want to see your hot wet pussy lips glistening when you are bent forward and I want your thong soaking wet with your pussy juices when you hand it to me.” My face was bright red as I took in your request. My clitoris twitched and pulsated as my pussy became wetter, contracting at the thought of how hard your cock was. I looked nervously down the corridor, there was nobody around. You kissed the back of my neck sending waves of desire over my whole body. I reached my arms up above my head and pushed my breasts hard against the door to our room. I jutted my arse outtowards you, your hand still caressing and stroking through the thin silky material of my shorttight dress. “You want my thong?” I moaned, moving my arse in a slow sexy circular motion, forcing myself as close to your body as I could. You slapped my arse hard “Yes! Bend over and pull your dress up around your waist.” you said huskily. I let my hands slide down over my breasts, I feel myerect nipples jutting through the material of my thin dress and I want so much for you to touch them. My hands slide down over my hips and I tease my dress up just enough for you to see the black lacy stocking tops against my white skin. Myeyes are closed and I am completely lost in this wanton display of lust. I feel your hand stroking the inside of my thigh above my stocking top. Your fingers so near to myhot, wet pussy, I want you so much. I raise my dress higher, knowing youcan now see my ass. I feelyour hand spank my skin, hard and quick and then feel the stinging. I can picture my arse cheek reddening as my desire heightens and my pussy aches for you. I loop my thumbs around my thong and slowly bendforward to remove it. My arse stuck high in the air, my anus there for you to see, perhaps later slide a finger into before slippingyour rock hard cock inside, pumping your love spunk deep inside me. “God! I have to touch your pussy. I have to taste it.” You say lustily as I feel your fingers between my legs. I gasp as I feel your finger gently part my sticky wet lips and your thumb nudges against myclit. I can smell my pussy juices as you bring your fingers up to my lips for me to taste. We kiss frantically, both sharing my love juice as our tongues dart madly around each others mouths. I hand you my thong and smile greedily taking in my scent as you hold it to your face. You breathe in my pussy smelland then suck the juices that have soaked it wet through. “Mmm, you taste so good.” You tell me leaningforward to kiss me once more. You spin me round with animalistic urgency “I am going to bend you over and slide my cock deep inside your pussy” you tell me, your breath coming quick. “I want to fuck you now” I pull away. “No! Not here!” I say, although I want you to. “Someone might see us” I say, looking down the corridor, suddenly aware of my surroundings. I feel your hand gripping my hair, pulling my head back and I hear you say “I don’t care, I want to fuck you now.” My lust overwhelms me and I push my arse up in the air once again, my pussy lips inviting your cock into their hot wet world where, once inside you will thrust deeper anddeeper until your cock feels like it will explode. “Oh God! That feels soo fucking good.” I moan as I feel you enter me. Your cock feels like a hot rod of iron, pushing into me, filling me and making me squirm against you as I try to get you even deeper inside me. You slap my arse again, harder this time, and again, my arse cheeks stinging, burning hot and glowing bright crimson. It hurts me when you do it again, and again, the pain mingling with a newfoundpleasure that heightens my arousal. “Spank me harder.” I gasp as you are pulling my headback by my hair and fucking me quicker and deeper now. We stop like frightened rabbits caught in headlights as we hear thedoor next to us close loudly. Pulling away from me you zip yourself up and frantically try to insert the card into the lock on our door to open it. We both turn and look as we enter our room. A tall, curvy woman stands a few feet away. She is smiling, slightly embarrassed by what shehas interrupted, but also in no hurry to walk away. Her long black hair falls over her green eyes, her lips, crimson with lipstickare full and fall open as she speaks “Oh! Sorry! I, errm, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” “It’s OK, you say as you push me gently into the room and close the door. We fall laughing onto the bed, both of us reeling with embarrassment at having been seen in our most intimate states. We are hot and sticky and still so turned on as we sit and share a cigarette and sip a drink. “Tell me” you say, “Would you have liked it if she had wanted to join us?” The thought was already in my mind as I pictured her big heavy breasts falling free from the confines of her bra, her nipples hard and stiff, her pussy, wet and sticky, hot and inviting, our tongues, fingers, your cock and my toys deep inside. We started kissing again, murmuring our fantasies as our kisses become more fervent, biting and licking and the power of the fantasy of the tall curvy woman joining us is driving us both crazy. “Let’s go downstairs and have a drink.” You say with a cheeky glint in your eyes. “Mmm, I wonder what you are up to!” I reply, a new anticipation building and more images building our fantasy. We head downstairs and order drinks. We are sat in a cosy fire lit corner on the most comfortable sofa I have ever sat on. I cuddle into you and your arm falls around my shoulder, your hand resting just above my breast. I will you to touch me, to feel my hardened nipples with your fingers, stroke them through the soft material of my dress. My dress has risen up around my thighs due to the depth of the sofa and I modestly attempt to pull it down to my knees. It rides back up so I settleback and cuddle in once again. It is busy in the bar, people having a quick drink after a busy day before heading home for the night, residents having a drink whilst waiting for their meals, couples like us, just sitting enjoying a drink. I could still feel the glow of our earlier encounter in the corridor and looked around to see if I could see the tall, curvy woman. “She’s not here.” You say,as if reading my mind. Then I see her, emerging from the bar with a group of friends. They are laughing and chatting as they carry their drinks through to where we are sitting. “Oh my God!” I say sitting up quickly and once again pulling my dress down to my knees. “She is coming over here!” “Shush!” you reply, “relax,she probably won’t even recognise us.” You pull me back into you and this time your fingersdance over my nipple as your arms rests over my shoulder. “Stroke my cock through my trousers” you whisperinto my ear. “Feel how hard it is” I run my hand up the inside of your thigh. Heat radiates from your bulge and I can feel your cock hard and straining against the tightness of your trousers. I touch you gently, fingertips just dancing over the material, just enough for you to feel my touch. I look up at you, your eyes stare straight back into mine, your dark hair falling in soft curls frames your face and you whisper “Harder, stroke me harder” I trace your cock with my fingertips and then spread my palm over the length of your cock, rubbing and stroking, firmer and harder. “Do you want to suck this big hard cock?” you ask me. “Oh God Yess!” I reply. “And do you want me to fuck you with my big hard cock?” you ask, “Yes” I reply. “I want to feel your cock deep inside me, fucking me hard, I want your cock to feel the spasms of my orgasm.” I say, my breath coming in short gasps as Ienvisage the feeling of you inside me. My eyes open and I am looking around me, your hand is still stroking my nipple and your other hand is slowly sliding up the inside of my thigh, mylegs opening as you snakeyour way up, then down, teasing, driving me crazy, “I want you” I whisper. “I need you” I say looking upat you. Your eyes are fixed firmly on the bar. I follow your glance and myeyes rest upon the tall, curvy woman. She is alone now. Her friends have gone and she sits at the bar, confident, alluring, and she has her eyes fixed on us. “Go to the toilet” you say “Why?” I ask. “I don’t need” “Go!” you say with urgency, placing a small package into my hand. ...

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