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sickle cell day

Sickle cell day

19 june

World Sickle Cell Day 2011

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a serious condition that affectspeople all over the world; thecomplications that arise from it are usually fatal. Sickle cell disease is a set of red blood cell disorders that are mostlyinherited. In sickle cell disease the red blood cells become tough and sticky and resemble ‘sickles.’ The infected cells perish early which leads to a constant depletion of red blood cells inthe blood. Further as the blood moves through blood vessels, these infected cells get stuck to the walls and obstruct the blood flow which leads to more complications. With good medical care people with sickle cell disease can live into adulthood but with a decreased life expectancy.
sickle cell disease is common among the African, Asian nations and amongst people who do not have access to proper medical supervision and care. In the United Statesmainly the African-Americans are affected, with every one in 500 African-American child being affected with the disease. In Africa nearly 2% of newborns are affected with sickle cell disease. In theUnited Kingdom more than 200 newborns are infected with sickle cell disease. In theMiddle East more than 6000 babies are born annually withsickle cell disease.

World Sickle Cell Day
In the year 2008, the GeneralAssembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution which determines sickle cell disease as a public health problem and one of the world’s foremost genetic disease, requiring heightened awareness and activism, diagnosis and management. The result of the resolution was that June 19th was declared as World Sickle Cell to increase awareness of the condition all over the world.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has started work on a war footing to promote a world wide agenda to address hemoglobin dysfunctions.
WHO has made a commitment to:
*.Recognize that sickle cell disease is a major health issue.
*.Increase awareness of theworld community regarding sickle cell disease.
*.Eliminate harmful and wrong prejudices associated with sickle cell disease.
*.Urges member countries where sickle cell disease is apublic health problem to establish health programs at the national level and operate specialized centers for sickle cell disease and facilitate access to treatment.
*.Promote satisfactory access to medical services topeople affected with sickle cell disease.
*.Provide technical support to all countries to prevent and manage sickle cell disease.
*.Promote and help researchto improve the lives of people affected with sickle cell disease.

World Sickle Cell Day
The World Sickle Cell day is celebrated across the globe with special emphasis in African Nations and Asia. Thecelebrations include a press, media campaigns, music shows, cultural activities, and talk shows.
Since no known cure exists for sickle cell disease, the main goal is to prevent further complications due to sickle cell disease. The main emphasis is hence on educating medical professionals, care givers, and associated personnel about prevention, research, and resources to minimize the complications due to sickle cell disease. Hence June 19th is devoted mainly to spread awareness, through talks, seminars, pamphlets, literature and consultations.

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Rakesh khudia

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