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in d name of allah - Newest pictures

Quran: a teacher to scientists

Ours is an era of space probes, computer chips, laser surgeries and cloning. If we were to label any book as a revelation from God, we couldn't help but to scrutinize this Scripture using modern scientific knowledge. It could not be that a revelation, proclaiming itself from God, could constitute aspects contradicting established scientific facts. How could we assume otherwise, when God is the one who created the universe and the laws operating within it.

The Quran was revealed 1400 years ago to the last Prophet of God, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a guidance for all humanity. The entire Some of these are mentioned below to prove the Quran's Divine origin.The Big Bang !Currently, the Big Bang model of the origin of the universe is the cosmological paradigm "Do not the unbelievers see that the Heavens and the earth were joined together, then We split them apart." (21:30)
Expanding Universe In 1925, Edwin Hubble (after whom the thought, it is expanding". So what did God reveal in the Quran, 1400 years ago?"And the firmament, We constructed with power and skill and verily We are expanding it" (51:47)
("We" is the Arabic plural of respect, not the Christian plural of 'trinity")

The Existence of Sun's Orbit Ancient people use to believe that the Sun around it. Modern science tells us now that the sun too is not still, but is in motion. The sun traveling at roughly 150 miles per second takes about 200 million years to complete one "It is He who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, all (the celestial bodies) swim along, each in its orbit with its own motion." (21:33)
Conquest of Space by Human exploration and the conquest of space began with the launching of the Russian Satellite, Sputnik I on Oct. 4, 1957.
Then followed the launching of humans into space, of the heavens and the earth, then penetrate them!
You will not penetrate them save with a power (of God). "(55:33)
The Protective Atmosphere Earth is constantly bombarded by meteoroids that disintegrate upon the atmosphere and by lethal rays emitted by the sun. This UV radiation is absorbed by the Ozone layer forming the outer fringe of our atmospheric destruction.
"And We have made the atmosphere a protective roof, yet do they turn away from the Signs which these things point to." (21:32) Embryology The Dutch naturalist Anthony van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723) produced lenses powerful enough to prove that many tiny creatures are not spontaneously generated but are produced from eggs. The science of Embryology as we know it today did not embryonic development."God fashioned man from a small quantity (of sperm)" (16:4)
Fertilization takes place with only one sperm among several tens of million produced by man. "Then We placed him as a drop in a place of rest" (23:13) Implantation of the blastocyst in the uterus."Then We made the drop into a leech like structure..." (23:14)
This resemblance of the human embryo to a leech is an appropriate description of the human embryo from days 7-24, when it clings to the endometrium of the uterus."And He (God) gave you hearing and sight and feeling and understanding." (32:9)
The internal ears appear before the eyes, and the brain (the sight of understanding) differentiates last.Dr. E. Marshall Johnson And of him He made two sexes, male and female..." (75:36-40)
Existence of Pairs in All Creation Before the dawn of the modern era, humans conceived that only animal life was creation, animate as well as inanimate, though in different forms. In electricity, these two genders canbe classified as positive and negative. North and south pole with exotic beauties of expression, as does God in the Quran. By realizing these Truths about the Quran and the religion of Islam revealed by our Creator and Sustainer, many modern scientists are turning towards it. Dr. Keith Moore [3], Professor of Embryology, after analyzing the verses ofthe Quran for three years comments: "It has been a pleasure for that have only been discovered in modern times"
.Dr. Joe Leigh Simpson [5], Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, proclaims:"...These Hadiths (sayings of Muhammad) could not the Quran having been derived from God"
.Dr. Tejatet Tejasen [6], Professor of Anatomy, attending the Eighth Saudi Medical Conference, stood up and likewise grow from the earth and of themselves, and what they know not." (36:36)The Quranic statement:"...And what they know not" is as true today, as it was when Holy turning towards it.

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