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in d name of allah - Newest pictures


SHUKR thankfulness, gratitude.
The twin of Sabr.-As there is sabr in times of ni'mah, there is shukr as well.-

Quran: Nay, indeed it is Allah should you show ubudiyyah to, and show to Him gratitude.-

Quran: O you who believe, use of that which is good of what We have provided for you, and be grateful to Allah if you are truly ibaad.-
Quran: And if you show gratefulness, I will give you more.-
Quran: (shaytan says after being granted respite by Allah) I will come to them, from in come to them, from in front of them and from behind them, from their right and their left, and You will find most of them ungrateful.-

Hadeeth: O Mu'adh, I love you. Let me teach you something.. ( the duah at end of salah) Allahumma a'innee ala dhikrikah, wa shukrukah, wa hussni ibadatik.. (Ya Allah help me to remember You, to show shukr to You, and to make the most beautiful of ibdadah)-
Rasulullah (saws) used to stand up nights in qiyamul-layl every night to the extent his feet swelled. Aisha (ra) asked him, why do youdo this when Allah has already forgiven you everything before and everything after?
He (saws) said: Then shallI not be a grateful'abd (servant)? ("and we're too busy for this!
Rasulullah saws was a busy man, wasn't he? Didn't he have important things to do? Yet He made qiyamul layl every night. But of course, we have school, or work, and we can't be tired for that. What areour priorities? Being strong and energetic in front of your boss, or being content and pleasing in front of Allah?) - the more one has, the more one should fear, be scared and humble:
Will I be able to show enough shukr forall that I have? Shukr is to be shown in three ways:
(1): Shukru bil qalb: shukr of the heart. achieved by harboring and intending good for all of Allah's creation. (khayr meaning something pleasing to Allah swt)
(2): Shukru bil leesan: shukr of the tongue. celebrate with the tongue the praises of Allah (swt), Alhamdulillah = showing the world I am pleased with my Lord. Quran: As to the ni'mah of your Lord, celebrate it.
(3): Shukr bil jawaarih: shukr of the external senses. (amal, actions) everytime Allah gives us a ni'mah, we must use that ni'mah the way it was intended tobe used by our Creator-and thus used in the way of His obedience, and not in the way of His disobedience.- kuffr an- na'mah: rejection of Allah's ni'mah"There are divine words written on the pages of every ni'mah. But those words are not deciphered by everyone. "ex. Using the tongue in a harmful way is kuffran of ni'matul leesan ex. Using the eyes to look at things that are haraam is kuffran of the ni'mah.

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