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in d name of allah - Newest pictures

Concept of God

La ilaha illallah

Who is above Us All (He is above Us all, no one is above Him)? Who can Only Help Us? And is there for Us Always when we need Help:) The question of God's existence has
prove the existence of the infinite boundless God. It can only illustrate or demonstrate his existence to the satisfaction of the curious human mind.

Those who deny God claim to rely on
science, philosophy, or special theories of knowledge. Their arguments are sometimes inapplicable, sometimes irrelevant, always complex, and often incomprehensible.
not satisfy the hunger for knowledge and the curiosity of man about the great things in the world.

One often wonders at the beauties of nature with its scenic charm and marvels;
after generation. One often wonders because one would like to know the maker and maintainer of all these things with which we live and which we immensely enjoy.Can we find an
properly without a responsible head, that no city can prosperously exist without sound administration, and that no state can survive without a chief of some kind.
We also realise that

We also realise that nothing comes into being on its own. More over we observe that the universe exists and functions in the most orderly manner, and that it has survived
for hundreds of thousands of years. Can we, then, say that all this is accidental and haphazard? Or can we attribute the existence of man and the whole world to mere chance?
If man were to come into being by accident or by sheer chance, his entire lifewould be based on chance, and his whole existence would be meaningless, and no rational being would

In the world, then there must be a Great Force in action to keep everything in order.In the beautiful nature there must be a Great Artist who creates the most charming pieces of
themselves made by someone else. He is different from all these things, because He is the Maker and Keeper of them all. The maker of anything must be
by accident.

The continuous changes in the world prove that it is made and everything which is made must have a maker of some sort.The Maker and Sustainer of the world, the Creator of
guide to happiness and prosperity.Once man believes that God exists he must know His attributes and names. Generally speaking every perfection and absolute goodness belong to Him, and no
be sought by all and has no beginning or end, and none is equal to Him ( Holy Qu'ran ) 2. He is the Merciful and the Compassionate, the Guardian and the True Guide, the Just
their sins.

He gives them  peace and happiness, knowledge and success, life and protection. He welcomes all those who want to be at
accepts only the good and right things. The door of His mercy is always open to any who sincerely seek His support and protection. ( Holy Qu'ran) The Love of God for His creatures is
peace, courage and confidence. It enables us to remedyour griefs and sorrows, to overcome our difficulties and obtain success andhappiness. Indeed, the mercy of God relieves the
are meant for our help and guidance. The last Messenger from God is Muhammad ( SAW ), and the most genuine existing book of Allah is the Qu'ran. From the traditions of
genuine existing book of Allah is the Qu'ran.

From the traditions of Muhammad ( SAW ) and the teachings of the Qu'ran, we learn about the Forgiving

If a person commits a sin or does something wrong, then he is violating the law of God, committing a grave offence against God and abusing his own dignity and
heinous indeed. ( Qu'ran )"Say oh my servants who have transgressed againsttheirsouls! despair not the mercy of God:for God forgives all sins: for he is most forgiving, most
only to be good, to bethankful and to be appreciative, to follow his recommendations and in force  his law, to be the proper manifestation of his goodness and excellent attributes,
to be his honest agents and true representatives on earth. He does not want to enslave us because he is the One who grants us dignity and honour. He does not wish to subjugate us,
other beings.

So whatever rules and prescriptions He passes unto us are designed for our own benefit and good. They are meant to help us enjoy our lives with one another in Peace and
pleasant company and adopt the surest approach to Eternal Happiness in life after death.There are various ways to know God and there are many
things to tell about him. The Great wonders and impressive marvelsofthe world are like open books in which we can read about God. Besides, God Himself comes to ourAid through the many
justice that there is no God but He the Almighty the All-Wise". ( 3: 18 Holy Qu'ran )"Say, 'God's guidance is the ( only ) Guidance And we have been directed to submit ourselves
to the Lord of the Worlds" ( 6: 71 Holy Qu'ran )Now it is the duty of everyone of us toacknowledgeHim, acquire the Knowledge of His guidance and lead a life of complete
life of complete submission to His guidance.

If We don't we are the Only Losers Here,We Must hold on to the Rope Of Allah Firmly, and never let go

There is no god but allah is the core fundamental and strong concept in islam without it any muslim faith is incomplete beliving in god and most importantly beliving in one god is a must for every beliver of islam even though he stays in any corner of the earth or of any color.

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