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in d name of allah - Newest pictures

Islam at a glance

Whatever you think, Whatever you Believe In There is No Harm In Searching For The Truth And Studying Islam. And Muslim:

Islam is an Arabic Word which means peace, purity, awareness that it fulfils the will of God is considered an act of worship in Islam.

Nevertheless, the specific acts of Worship, termed the pillars of Islam, provide the frame work of spiritual life.They are the Following:

1. Shahada (The declaration of Faith)
"I bear witness that there is none worthy of Worship except God, and that Muhammad is His servant and messenger"
The Prophethood of Muhammad ( SAW ) obliges the Muslims to follow his exemplary life in every way.

2. Salah ( Prayers)
Prayers are It should be stressed  that while Allah does not need our prayers we cannot survive without His blessings and guidance.

"O you who believe! Seek help with patient perseverance will power.
When we fast by choice, God remembers our sufferings. He appreciates it all :)

4. Zakat ( Charity) Zakat payment annuallyof 2.5% of ones net savings as a purifying sum to be
Makkah: Once in a lifetime provided one has the means to do so. Hajj implies Man's temporary suspension of all worldly activities and his realisation of himself as a naked soul in front of God alone. Oneness of God: Islam enjoins faith in the oneness and sovereignty of God, which makes man aware of the meaningfulness of the Universe and of his place in it.

This belief frees him from all fears and superstitions by making him conscious of the presence of Almighty God and of man's obligations towards Him.

Belief in One God requires that we look upon all humanity as one family irrespective of colour, class, race, orterritory, under the Omni potence of God the Creator and Nourisher of all.

Islam rejects the sanctity of the human personality and confers equal rights upon all without any distinction of race or sex.

The Law of Allah, enunciated in the Qu'ran and which leads to further blessings, or to Hell, a stage of suffering and punishment. Qu'ran And Hadith:

The Qu'ran is the last revealed Word of God and as such affirms and completes the total process of revelation which has come from the Divine, for the Guidance of the Human race. The Qu'ran is the basic source of Islamic teachings and laws and deals with the aspects. Comprehensive teachings on which sound systems of social justice, economics, politics, legislation, jurisprudence, law and international relations can be built, which it was revealed.

Translations of the meaning into many languages are widely used. Hadith, the teachings, sayings, and actions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), meticulously reported and collected by his devoted companions, explain and elaborate the Qu'ranic verses.

Concept of Worship:
Islam does not teach is he who believes in God and the Last Day and the Angels and the Book and the Prophets; and gives his wealth for the love of Him to kins folk and to orphans and the needy and the and adversity and time of stress. Such are those who are sincere. Such are the God fearing".( Holy Qu'ran )

Islamic Way of Life: Islam provides definite guidelines for all people to on earth, and his duties and obligations towards himself, his kith and kin, his community, his fellow human beings and his Creator. Man is given fundamental guidelines about a not a collection of fragmented, competitive parts.The sacred and secular are not separate parts of man; they are united in the nature of human being.
Historic Perspective: middle path and the goal of producing a moral man in the service of a Just Society. "Our Lord ! give us good in this world and good in the hereafter". ( Holy Qu'ran) one realise that the spheres of potential capabilities and hence responsibilities of men and women are equally important in themselves but not exactly the same.The roles of men and women are complementary to eachother.

Marriage and Divorce:
Marriage is a very important and sacredbond of relationship between man and woman and a step and contumacy are an inhilated and God's just order is established.Therefore to struggle in the path of Allah with the pen; speech; and his sword is Jihad. "What has happened ruled by Tyrants". ( Holy Qu'ran ) Islam has come to liberate man from the worship of man and establish the worship of God.

Islam - The Solution For Modern Problems

The BrotherHood of Man: A major problem which modern man faces is that of racism. The materially advanced nations can send man to the moon but they cannot stop man from hating and an end to this conflict and brings harmony to man's vision of life.

Conclusion: What is the state of the world today? Has man freed himself from all superstitions, imbecility's and absurd beliefs? Has he discovered the man from within himself ? Has he liberated himself from the yoke of worldly tyrants indulging in the exploitation of man exploitation of man by man? If such a millennium has not been achieved despite all developments in science and technolgy

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