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in d name of allah - Newest pictures


Islam encourages the Muslim to spend from his money for Allah's Sake whenever he is capable of doing so, and it stresses on the great virtues of giving a charity. The prophet (PBUH) said, 'The Upper pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do.' (16: 97)

In this life, the charity enlarges the blessing in one's fortune. Unlike what most people think; money gets money and the things you can get with this money is what counts. When the believer keepson feeding his money with charity, this enlarges the blessing in his money. With a certain amount of money he would be able to do more than what he used to do before, not to mention the harm that would be pushed a way from his money, so that the money wont be wastedby some way or another (e.g. car accident, health problems, ...etc.). Besides, the charity has an amazing effect in pushing away the calamities and harm that is afflicting the Muslim. The prophet (PBUH) said, 'Cure your sick people with Sadaqa (i.e. charity)!' That's why the righteous Muslims used to cure themselves in time of sickness with giving charities! One of the early righteous Muslims whose name is Ar-Rabe'e has been afflicted by Al-Faalig (i.e.Hemiplegia) and was one of the poor as a charity, saying 'I would like to give the poor what I love most, that may Allah accept my charity and reward me with what is better than that'. His wife suggested that she would keep the food for him, and instead give some money to the poor which equals the same price of the food. Ar-Rabe'e asked her to bring the money, and when she did, he asked her to put them all together (the money, the grilled chicken and and medications neglecting the importance of a charity that might not even make a noticeable difference in their wealth.In the Hereafter, the charity could be the reason for protecting that it (i.e. the charity) becomes as big as a mountain'. What we now spend as a charity for Allah's sake is what remains with us after death, however, what we spend for our worldly pleasures vanishes and goes them. When the prophet(PBUH) asked her about what remained from the sheep (after distributing it), she said 'Nothing remained except for the shoulder',so the prophet (PBUH) commented 'Everything remained except for the shoulder!!'However, for the charity to be accepted and to achieve it's goals,the Believer must consider some essentialmanners when giving the charity. First of all, the charity must be given from money that is earned in a lawful way. Allah SWT says, 'Oye who believe, spend from what you (lawfully) earned' (2: 267). And the prophet (PBUH) said: 'God is Tayyib, and He only accepts what is Tayyib', (the word Tayyib means lawful, pure, good, ..etc.).Second, when giving a charity, the believer must purify his intention and make his purpose just for the sake of gaining Allah's what he intended (fromhis action)' And he (PBUH) said, 'Nothing that you spend for Allah's sake but you will be rewarded for it, eventhe food that you raise up to your wife's mouth'. God SWT praised those who give could be rejected by Allah if it is done for anyother purpose rather than pleasing Him.Third, the believer should hurry up with giving the charity and should not delay it without a specific reason. It is also much has little to give. The prophet (PBUH) once said to his companions, 'One Dirhem could be better in reward than one hundred thousand Dirhems!' a man asked, 'And how is that, messenger of Allah?!' He (PBUH) replied, 'a wealthy man takes one hundred thousand Dirhems which is one part of his wealth and gives it as a charity, while a poor man who only has two Dirhems pays one of them as a charity.' And it was reported that A'isha (may Allah be pleased with her) once gave a piece of date as a charity when this was all what she had. Whatever that you do, big or small, will be put in your account, even if it was as tiny as the weight of an atom. not know what your right hand has spent is a form of expression that indicates how careful you should be when giving a charity not letting anyone notice what you're doing. It would even be better to hide your the scholars who were known to be poor at his time, and in order to hide his identity and protect them from the embarrassment he used to wait until they enter the mosque for one of the daily prayers,then put the money inside their slippers! Thescholars never knew histrue identity until only when he died and they found out that the charity they used to receive on a constant basis all of a sudden stopped!!Sixth: The believer must reward of the charity, as Allah SWT indicated in His Holy Book, 'O you who believe, cancel not your charities by reminders of your generosity, or by harm' (2: 264).Seventh: When one can not (or do not want to) give a charity to a person who is asking for it, he then should only say a kind word to him, and should not by any mean hurt his feelings. Allah SWT said,'Kind words and forgiveness are better than a charity

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