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003.153 Behold! ye were climbing up the high ground, without even casting aside glance at any one, and the Apostle in your rear was calling you back. There did God give you one distress after another by way of requital, to teach you not to grieve for (the booty) that had escaped you and for (the ill) that had befallen you. For God is well aware of all that ye do.
003.154 After (the excitement) of the distress, He sent down calm on a band of you overcome with slumber, while anotherband was stirred to anxiety by their own feelings, Moved by wrong suspicions of God-suspicions due to ignorance. They said:"What affair is this of ours?" Say thou:"Indeed, this affair is wholly God's." They hide in their minds what they dare not reveal to thee. They say (to themselves):"If we had had anything to do with this affair, We should not have been in the slaughter here." Say:"Even if you had remained in your homes, those for whom death was decreed would certainly have gone forth to the place of their death"; but (all this was) that God might test what is in your breasts and purgewhat is in your hearts. For God knoweth well the secrets of your hearts.
003.155 Those of you who turned back on the day the two hostsMet,-it was Satan whocaused them to fail, because of some (evil) they had done. But GodHas blotted out (their fault): For God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Forbearing.
003.156 O ye who believe! Be not like the Unbelievers, who say of their brethren, when they are travelling through the Earth or engaged in fighting: "If they had stayed with us, they would not have died, orbeen slain." This that God may make it a cause of sighs and regrets in their hearts. It is God that gives Lifeand Death, and God sees well all that ye do.
003.157 And if ye are slain, or die, in the wayof God, forgiveness and mercy from God are far better than all they could amass.
003.158 And if ye die, or are slain, Lo! it is unto God that ye are brought together. 003.159 It is part of the Mercy of God that thou dost deal gently with them Wert thou severe or harsh-hearted, they would have broken away from about thee: so pass over (Their faults), and ask for (God's) forgiveness forthem; and consult them in affairs (of moment). Then, when thou hast Taken a decision put thy trust in God. For God loves those who put their trust (in Him).
003.160 If God helps you, none can overcome you: If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? in God, then, Let believers put their trust.
003.161 No prophet could (ever) be false tohis trust. If any personis so false, He shall, on the Day of Judgment, restore what he misappropriated; then shall every soul receiveits due,- whatever it earned,- and none shallbe dealt with unjustly.
003.162 Is the man who follows the good pleasure of God Like the man who draws on himself the wrath of God, and whose abode is in Hell?- A woeful refuge!
003.163 They are in varying gardens in the sight of God, and God sees well all that they do.
003.164 God did confer a great favour on the believers when He sent among them an apostle from among themselves, rehearsing unto them the Signs of God, sanctifying them, and instructing them in Scripture and Wisdom, while, before that, they had been in manifest error.
003.165 What! When a single disaster smites you, although ye smote (your enemies) with one twice as great, do ye say?-"Whence is this?" Say (to them): "It is from yourselves: For God hath power over all things." 003.166 What ye suffered on the day the two armies Met, was with the leave of God, in order that He might test the believers,-
003.167 And the Hypocrites also. These were told: "Come, fightin the way of God, or (at least) drive (The foe from your city)." They said: "Had we known how to fight, we should certainly have followed you." They were that day nearer to Unbelief thanto Faith, saying with their lips what was not in their hearts but God hath full knowledge of all they conceal.
003.168 (They are) theones that say, (of their brethren slain), while they themselvessit (at ease): "If only they had listened to usthey would not have been slain. " Say:"Avert death from your own selves, if ye speak the truth."
003.169 Think not of those who are slain in God's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in thepresence of their Lord;
003.170 They rejoice in the bounty provided byGod: And with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the (Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, norhave they (cause to) grieve.
003.171 They glory in the Grace and the bounty from God, and in the fact that God suffereth not the reward of the Faithful to be lost (in the least).
003.172 Of those who answered the call of God and the Apostle, even after being wounded, those who do right and refrain from wrong have a great reward;-
003.173 Men said to them: "A great army is gathering against you":And frightened them: But it (only) increased

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