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Say: "Fighting therein isa grave (offence); but graver is it in the sight of God to prevent access to the path of God, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its members." Tumult andoppression are worse than slaughter. Nor willthey cease fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can. And if any of you turn back from their faith and die in unbelief, their works will bear no fruit in thislife and in the Hereafter; they will be Companions of the Fireand will abide therein.
002.218 Those who believed and those who suffered exile andfought (and strove andstruggled) in the path of God,- they have the hope of the Mercy of God: And God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
002.219 They ask theeconcerning wine and gambling. Say: "In themis great sin , and some profit, for men; but the sin is greater than the profit." They ask thee how much they are to spend; Say:"What is beyond your needs." Thus doth God Make clear to you His Signs: In order that ye may consider-
002.220 (Their bearings) on this life and the Hereafter. They ask thee concerning orphans. Say: "The best thing todo is what is for their good; if ye mix their affairs with yours, they are your brethren;but God knows the man who means mischief from the manwho means good. And if God had wished, He could have put you intodifficulties: He is indeedExalted in Power, Wise."
002.221 Do not marry unbelieving women (idolaters), until they believe: A slave woman who believes is better than an unbelieving woman, even though she allure you. Nor marry (your girls) to unbelievers until they believe: A man slave who believes is better than an unbeliever, even though he allure you. Unbelievers do (but) beckon you to the Fire. But God beckons by HisGrace to the Garden (ofBliss) and forgiveness, and makes His Signs clear to mankind: That they may receive admonition. 002.222 They ask theeconcerning women's courses. Say: They are a hurt and a pollution: So keep away from women in their courses, and do not approach them until they are clean. But when they have purified themselves, ye may approach themin any manner, time, orplace ordained for you by God. For God loves those who turn to Himconstantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.
002.223 Your wives areas a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will; but do some good act for your souls beforehand; and fear God. And know that yeare to meet Him (in the Hereafter), and give (these) good tidings to those who believe.
002.224 And make not God's (name) an excuse in your oaths against doing good, or acting rightly, or making peace betweenpersons; for God is OneWho heareth and knoweth all things.
002.225 God will not callyou to account for thoughtlessness in your oaths, but for theintention in your hearts; and He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Forbearing.
002.226 For those who take an oath for abstention from their wives, a waiting for four months is ordained; if then they return, God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
002.227 But if their intention is firm for divorce, God heareth and knoweth all things.
002.228 Divorced women shall wait concerning themselvesfor three monthly periods. Nor is it lawful for them to hide what God Hath created in their wombs, if they have faith in God and the Last Day. And theirhusbands have the better right to take them back in that period, if they wish forreconciliation. And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable; but men have a degree (of advantage) over them.And God is Exalted in Power, Wise.

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