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004.136 O ye who believe! Believe in God and His Messenger, and the scripture which He hath sent to His Messenger and the scripture which He sent to those before (him). Any who deniethGod, His angels, His Books, His Messengers, and the Day of Judgment, hathgone far, far astray.
004.137 Those who believe, then reject faith, then believe (again) and (again) reject faith, and go on increasing in Unbelief,- God will not forgive them nor guide them nor guide them on the way.
004.138 To the Hypocrites give the glad tidings that there is for them (but) a grievous penalty;-
004.139 Yea, to those who take for friends unbelievers rather thanbelievers: is it honour they seek among them? Nay,- all honour is with God.
004.140 Already has Hesent you Word in the Book, that when ye hear the signs of God held in defiance and ridicule, ye are not to sit with them unless they turn to a different theme: if ye did, ye would be like them. For God will collect the hypocrites and those who defy faith - all in Hell:-
004.141 (These are) the ones who wait andwatch about you: if ye do gain a victory from God, they say: "Were we not with you?"- butif the unbelievers gain a success, they say (to them): "Did we not gain an advantage overyou, and did we not guard you from the believers?" but God will judge betwixt you on the Day of Judgment. And never will God grant to the unbelievers a way (to triumphs) over the believers.
004.142 The Hypocrites - they thinkthey are over-reaching God, but He will over-reach them: Whenthey stand up to prayer, they stand without earnestness, to be seen of men, butlittle do they hold God in remembrance;
004.143 (They are) distracted in mind evenin the midst of it,- being (sincerely) for neither one group nor for another whom God leaves straying,- neverwilt thou find for him the way.
004.144 O ye who believe! Take not for friends unbelievers rather than believers: Do ye wish to offer God an open proof against yourselves?
004.145 The Hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the Fire: no helper wilt thou find for them;-
004.146 Except for those who repent, mend (their lives) hold fast to God, and purify their religion as in God'ssight: if so they will be (numbered) with the believers. And soon willGod grant to the believers a reward of immense value.
004.147 What can God gain by your punishment, if ye are grateful and ye believe? Nay, it is God that recogniseth (all good), and knoweth all things.
004.148 God loveth not that evil should be noised abroad in public speech, except where injustice hath been done; for God is He who heareth and knoweth all things.
004.149 Whether ye publish a good deed or conceal it or cover evil with pardon, verily God doth blot out (sins) and hath power (in thejudgment of values). 004.150 Those who deny God and His Messengers, and (those who) wish to separate God from His Messengers, saying:"We believe in some but reject others": And(those who) wish to take a course midway,-
004.151 They are in truth (equally) unbelievers; and we have prepared for unbelievers a humiliating punishment.
004.152 To those who believe in God and His Messengers and make no distinction betweenany of the Messengers, we shall soon give their (due) rewards: for God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.
004.153 The people of the Book ask thee to cause a book to descend to them from heaven: Indeed they asked Moses for an even greater (miracle), for they said: "Show usGod in public," but they were dazed for their presumption, with thunder and lightning. Yet they worshipped the calf even after clear signs had come to them; even so we forgave them; and gave Moses manifest proofs of authority.
004.154 And for their covenant we raised over them (the towering height) of Mount (Sinai); and (on another occasion) we said: "Enter the gate with humility"; and (once again) we commanded them:"Transgress not in the matter of the Sabbath." And we tookfrom them a solemn covenant.
004.155 (They have incurred divine displeasure): In that they broke their covenant; that they rejected the signs of God; that they slew the Messengers in defiance of right; that they said, "Our hearts are the wrappings (which preserve God's Word; We need no more)";- Nay, God hath set the seal on their hearts for their blasphemy, and little isit they believe;-

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