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005.046 And in their footsteps We sent Jesus the son of Mary, confirming the Law that had come before him: We sent him the Gospel: therein was guidance and light, and confirmation of the Law that had come before him: a guidance and an admonition to those who fear God.
005.047 Let the people of the Gospel judge by what God hath revealed therein. If anydo fail to judge by (the light of) what God hathrevealed, they are (no better than) those who rebel.
005.048 To thee We sent the Scripture in truth, confirming the scripture that came before it, and guarding it in safety: so judge between them by what God hath revealed, and follow not their vain desires, diverging from the Truth that hath come to thee. To each among you have we prescribed a law and an Open Way. If God had so willed, He wouldhave made you a singlepeople, but (His plan is)to test you in what Hehath given you: so strive as in a race in all virtues. The goal of you all is to God; it is He that will show you the truth of the matters in which ye dispute;
005.049 And this (He commands): Judge thou between them bywhat God hath revealed, and follow not their vain desires, but beware of them lest they beguile thee from any of that (teaching) which God hath sent down to thee. And if they turn away, be assured thatfor some of their crimeit is God's purpose to punish them. And truly most men are rebellious. 005.050 Do they then seek after a judgment of (the days of) ignorance? But who, for a people whose faith is assured, can give better judgment than God?
005.051 O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors:They are but friends and protectors to eachother. And he amongstyou that turns to them (for friendship) isof them. Verily God guideth not a people unjust.
005.052 Those in whose hearts is a disease - thou seest how eagerly they run about amongst them, saying: "We do fear lest a change of fortune bring us disaster." Ah! perhaps God will give (thee) victory, or a decision according to His will. Then will they repent of the thoughts which they secretly harboured in their hearts.
005.053 And those who believe will say:"Are these the men who swore their strongest oaths by God, that they were with you?" All that they do will be in vain, and they will fall into (nothing but) ruin.
005.054 O ye who believe! if any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will God produce a people whom He will love as they will love Him,- lowly with the believers, mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the way of God, and never afraid of the reproaches of such as find fault. That is the grace of God, which He will bestow on whom He pleaseth. And God encompasseth all, and He knoweth all things.
005.055 Your (real) friends are (no less than) God, His Apostle,and the (fellowship of)believers,- those who establish regular prayers and regular charity, and they bow down humbly (in worship). 005.056 As to those who turn (for friendship) to God, His Apostle, and the (fellowship of) believers,- it is the fellowship of God that must certainly triumph.
005.057 O ye who believe! take not for friends and protectors those who take your religion for a mockery or sport,- whether among those who received the Scripture before you, or among those who reject Faith;but fear ye God, if ye have faith (indeed).
005.058 When ye proclaim your call to prayer they take it (but) as mockery and sport; that is because they are a people without understanding.
005.059 Say: "O people of the Book! Do ye disapprove of us for noother reason than thatwe believe in God, and the revelation that hath come to us and that which came before (us), and (perhaps) that most of you are rebellious and disobedient?"
005.060 Say: "Shall I point out to you something much worse than this, (as judged) by the treatment it received from God? Those who incurred the curse of God and His wrath, those of whom some He transformed into apes and swine, those who worshipped evil;- these are (many times) worse in rank, and far more astray from the even Path!"
005.061 When they come to thee, they say: "We believe": but in fact they enter witha mind against Faith, and they go out with the same but God knoweth fully all that they hide.

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