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006.072 "To establish regular prayers and to fear God: for it is to Him that we shall be gathered together."
006.073 It is He Who created the heavens and the earth in true (proportions): the day He saith, "Be," behold! it is. His Word is the Truth. His will be the dominion the day the trumpet will be blown. He knoweth the Unseen as well as thatwhich is open. For He isthe Wise, well acquainted (with all things).
006.074 Lo! Abraham said to his father Azar:"Takest thou idols for gods? For I see thee and thy people in manifest error."
006.075 So also did We show Abraham the power and the laws ofthe heavens and the earth, that he might (with understanding) have certitude.
006.076 When the night covered him over,He saw a star: He said:"This is my Lord." But when it set, He said: "I love not those that set."
006.077 When he saw the moon rising in splendour, he said:"This is my Lord." But when the moon set, He said: "Unless my Lord guide me, I shall surely be among thosewho go astray."
006.078 When he saw the sun rising in splendour, he said:"This is my Lord; this isthe greatest (of all)." But when the sun set, he said: "O my people! Iam indeed free from your (guilt) of giving partners to God.
006.079 "For me, I haveset my face, firmly and truly, towards HimWho created the heavens and the earth,and never shall I give partners to God." 006.080 His people disputed with him. He said: "(Come) ye to dispute with me, about God, when He (Himself) hath guided me? I fear not (the beings) ye associate with God: Unless my Lord willeth, (nothing can happen). My Lord comprehendeth in His knowledge all things. Will ye not (yourselves)be admonished?
006.081 "How should I fear (the beings) ye associate with God, when ye fear not to give partners to God without any warrant having been given to you? Which of (us) twoparties hath more rightto security? (tell me) ifye know.
006.082 "It is those who believe and confuse not their beliefs with wrong - that are (truly) in security, for they are on (right) guidance."
006.083 That was the reasoning about Us, which We gave to Abraham (to use) against his people: We raise whom We will, degree after degree: for thy Lord is full of wisdom and knowledge.
006.084 We gave him Isaac and Jacob: all (three) We guided: and before him, We guided Noah, and among his progeny, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron: thus do We reward those who do good:
006.085 And Zakariya and John, and Jesus and Elias: all in the ranks of the righteous:
006.086 And Isma'il and Elisha, and Jonas, and Lot: and to all We gave favour above the nations: 006.087 (To them) andto their fathers, and progeny and brethren: We chose them, and We guided them to a straight Way.
006.088 This is the Guidance of God: He giveth that guidance towhom He pleaseth, of His worshippers. If they were to join othergods with Him, all that they did would be vain for them.
006.089 These were the men to whom We gave the Book, and Authority, and Prophethood: if these (their descendants) reject them, Behold! We shall entrust their charge to a new Peoplewho reject them not.
006.090 Those were the (prophets) who received God's guidance: Copy the guidance they received;Say: "No reward for this do I ask of you: This is no less than a Message for the nations."
006.091 No just estimate of God do they make when they say: "Nothing doth God send down to man (by way of revelation)" Say: "Who then sent down the Book which Moses brought?- a lightand guidance to man: But ye make it into (separate) sheets for show, while ye concealmuch (of its contents):therein were ye taughtthat which ye knew not- neither ye nor your fathers." Say:"God (sent it down)": Then leave them to plunge in vain discourseand trifling.

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