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007.160 We divided them into twelve tribes or nations. We directed Moses by inspiration, when his (thirsty) people asked him for water: "Strike the rock with thy staff": out of it there gushed forth twelve springs: Each group knew its own place forwater. We gave them the shade of clouds, and sent down to them manna and quails, (saying): "Eat of the good things We have provided for you":(but they rebelled); to Us they did no harm, but they harmed their own souls.
007.161 And rememberit was said to them:"Dwell in this town andeat therein as ye wish,but say the word of humility and enter the gate in a posture of humility: We shall forgive you your faults; We shall increase (the portion of) those who do good."
007.162 But the transgressors among them changed the word from that which had been given them so we sent on them a plague from heaven. For that they repeatedly transgressed.
007.163 Ask them concerning the town standing close by the sea. Behold! they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath.For on the day of their Sabbath their fish did come to them, openly holding up their heads, but on the day they had no Sabbath, they came not: thus did We make a trial of them, for they were given to transgression.
007.164 When some ofthem said: "Why do ye preach to a people whom God will destroyor visit with a terrible punishment?"- said thepreachers:" To discharge our duty to your Lord, and perchance they may fear Him." mindful":
007.173 Or lest ye should say: "Our fathers before us mayhave taken false gods,but we are (their) descendants after them: wilt Thou then destroy us because of the deeds of men whowere futile?"
007.174 Thus do We explain the signs in detail; and perchance they may turn (unto Us).
007.175 Relate to themthe story of the man to whom We sent Our Signs, but he passed them by: so Satan followed him up, and he went astray.
007.176 If it had been Our will, We should have elevated him with Our Signs; but he inclined to the earth, and followed his own vain desires. His similitude is that of a dog: if you attack him, he lolls out his tongue, or if you leave him alone, he (still) lolls out his tongue. That is the similitude of those who reject Our Signs; So relate the story; perchance they may reflect.
007.177 Evil as an example are people who reject Our Signs and wrong their own souls.
007.178 Whom God doth guide,- he is on the right path: whom He rejects from His guidance,- such are thepersons who perish. 007.179 Many are the Jinns and men we havemade for Hell: They have hearts wherewith they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like cattle,- nay more misguided: for they areheedless (of warning).
007.180 The most beautiful names belongto God: so call on him by them; but shun such men as use profanity in his names: for what they do, theywill soon be requited.
007.181 Of those We have created are people who direct (others) with truth. And dispense justice therewith.
007.182 Those who reject Our Signs, We shall gradually visit with punishment, in ways they perceive not;
007.183 Respite will I grant unto them: for My scheme is strong (and unfailing ).
007.184 Do they not reflect? Their companion is not seized with madness: he is but a perspicuouswarner.
007.185 Do they see nothing in the government of the heavens and the earth and all that God hath created? (Do they not see) that it may well be that their terms is nigh drawing to an end? In what messageafter this will they then believe?
007.186 To such as God rejects from His guidance, there can be no guide: He will leave them in their trespasses, wanderingin distraction.
007.187 They ask theeabout the (final) Hour -when will be its appointed time? Say:"The knowledge thereof is with my Lord (alone): None but He can reveal as to when it will occur. Heavy were its burden through the heavens and the earth. Only, a ll of a sudden will it come to you." They ask thee as if thou wert eager in search thereof: Say: "The knowledge thereof is with God (alone), but most men know not."

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