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¸.•♥ •friends 4ever• ♥•.¸

1. To live a life i need
heartbeat, 2 have
heartbeat i need a heart,
2 have heart i need
happiness, to have
happiness i need a
friend, and 4 a friend i
2. Friendship is not a
game to play, It is not a
word to say, It doesn't
start on March and ends
on May, It is tomorrow,
yesterday, today and
3. Friends are not a
game to play, Friends
are not just a Word to
say, Friends do not start
in March & end in May,
“ Friends” means
yesterday, Today &
Forever ”.
4. A friend is never a
coincidence in your life
they are meant to enter
your life to bring you joy
and laughter. So, i will
treasure the friendship
between us...
5. Friends r like street
lights along the road.
They don't make the
distance any shorter, but
they light up the path &
make the walk
6. May you never forget
how wonderful you are
to me....
7. Birds taht live in a lake
will fiy away;whaen the
lake dries up but the
lotus in the same lake
dies with the lake.that is
the commitment of
8. A truly toching frnd
understands wen u say
im sad,forgives wen u
say im sorry,feels hapy
wen u say i luv u,smiles
wen u say i mis u.but
dies wen u say forget me
9. Sweet fruits nice 2
Sweet words easy 2 say,
Sweet friend hard 2 find,
it's my goodness how did
i find u.
10. Friendship is a
network that needs no
recharge,no roaming,no
activation,no signal
problems,just make sure
u dont switch off your
11. Age appears to be
best in some things. Old
wood best to burn. Old
books best to read. Old
rice best to eat and old
friends best to keep
12. We smile at whom
we like, we cry for whom
we care, we laugh with
whom we enjoy & we
become angry with
whom we feel is our
own. That's Friendship,
that's Luv
13. Never abandon an
old'll never
find one who can take
his place, friendship is
like wine it gets better
as it grow older.
14. What is the
difference between
BLOOD enters the heart
and flows out.
But FRIEND enter the
HEART and Stays inside
26. We've known each
other by CHANCE,
became friends by
CHOICE, still friends by
DECISION. And when we
that's definitely a
lifetime PROMISE!
27. Friendship is like a
glass handle it with care
because once broken
cannot be mended and
even if mended.... a
crack is always there !!!
28. two friends...see and day see saw
sea and saw didnot see
sea.see saw sea and
jumped in sea,saw
didnot saw sea but also
jumped into sea.see saw
saw in sea and saw saw
see in sea.see saw both
saw sea and both saw
and see were happy in
29. Sometimes i want to
shout to the whole world
how lucky i am to have
you as my friend but
sometimes i want to
hush...afraid that
somebody might take
you away from me.
30. Friendship is a pretty
full-time occupation if
you really are friendly
with somebody. You
can't have too many
friends because then
you're just not really

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