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girls head against wall forced deep throat bl

bonita bbw

It was a hot day summer day in Socorro New Mexico. I was visiting the old Spanish mission that dates back to the late 17th Century. Out front there was two wooden benches with metal frames. I had walked around town so I decided to sit down before entering the old church. I looked down and began reading a travel guide. My attention was broken by the clicking of heels on the pavement. I looked up and saw a short stocky brunet that had to be 45 years old. She was full bodied, but sexy in every way. Her hair was well past her shoulders and her face was lightly wrinkled. She wore small framed eyeglasses that were tinted. As she walked toward me I noticed that she wore a red dress that looked like it was painted on her plump body. She stood about 5' 7" tall. Though thick in girth, she moved like a lighter woman. Her breasts were average size a large C cup and they sagged some. Her waist was thick and round. Her butt was big and filled out her dress nicely. I estimate she weighed around 220 pounds.

I adore fat women and was captivated by this older BBW. Her skin was light brown and she was well groomed. As she moved toward my bench I noticed her height was much shorter than I first thought. she was wearing heels.

"Is this seat taken?" she asked with a sexy gravely voice.

I replied "Not now."

"I am taking a load off my feet before I go to the old mission." She responded as she sat down at an angle to me. She introduced herself "My name is Bonita."

"Glad to meet you Bonita, my name is Steve."

"Are you going to the church as well?" she asked.

"Yes I am Bonita, would you like to accompany me?

As she stood I noticed her sexy thong sandaled feet in her 3 inch heels. She put her hand in mine and said

"You don't mind escorting a lonely lady sightseeing?"

"Not when they are ravishing as you!" I responded.

"Really? Do you mean that or is that a pick up line?" She smiled with an inquisitive grin.

"I think you are beautiful." I stammered.

"Steve, you are so kind. You really find me attractive?"

"Not attractive. You are ravishing, stunning, everything about you."

She looked up into my eyes through tears. "A man has never told me that not since I was a young woman many years ago. Do you think this old fat woman is sexy?"

"You are not fat you are fluffy and very sexy."

We walked hand in hand and spent the afternoon visiting the sites around the small city of Socorro. We told each other about our lives and family. I learned that Bonita had three adult children, was divorced and was 48 years old. She worked as an office manager for a small business in Las Cruces about 150 miles to the south.

I am a retired soldier and currently teach Middle School. I am 5'10" and weigh 250 pounds. I have picked up about 50 pounds of fat since retiring 10 years ago. I am 52 years old and am divorced with several adult children as well.

As we walked and talked we lost track of time. It was past 5 o clock and I was afraid of losing this pretty woman. I was staying at the Motel 6 and was not sure about what to do. Should I ask her to join me for dinner? As we finished looking at the town square I could see she was troubled by her expression.

"What is wrong Bonita?"

"I am supposed to be home by 9 o clock." My daughter and I were going to cook." She said.

"That sounds nice to be able to spend time with your daughter."

"I can cook anytime. I don't meet a handsome man interested in me very often. In fact I never have. I want to visit with you longer. Is that OK?" I will call Cindy and tell her I will cook with her next weekend."

"I have an idea lets have dinner at Socorro Springs and get to know each other better."

"How does that sound Bonita?" I asked.

She looked at me with her full brown hers and I saw love in her face." I would enjoy that Steve."

"I have a problem Steve I have no change of clothes and no place to clean up. I am all sweaty from walking around. And looking at you Steve."

"Lets go shopping it will be my treat. I get to pick out your clothing. Afterward we can go to my room freshen up and then we can go to dinner. "

"I will let you spoil me. It sounds wonderful. You already have a room in town Steve?"

"Yes I was planning on leaving in the morning. I was not planning on meeting a beautiful woman today."

We found a small women's clothing shop still open near the main street. I found a white dress that was both low cut and short. I was afraid she would not like it.

"Let me try it on. I will be back to model it for you." She said.

Bonita returned wearing the dress in her bare feet. I noticed how pretty her feet were. I have a serious foot fetish and these feet were perfect. Short thick rounded toes with clean toe nails trimmed short.

"Do we need shoes for you to match?"

"No my black sandals can go with the dress." She responded.

"Would some white shoes look better?"

"Can you afford this? " Bonita looked worried as she asked.

"Of course I can. I want my date to look perfect in every way. What about the shoes?"

"What type shoes should I wear? I will let you pick them out."

"I see you like sandals. I think some white sandals would go nicely with that sexy dress." I responded.

"You pick them out I wear a size seven."

"How are these?" I handed her a pair of white thongs with a small wedge heel and back strap. The straps were the width of shoe strings.

"I love thong sandals. You like them also don't you? She grinned at me.

" Yes and I like your feet along with the rest of you."

She took the sandals from me and sat down and tried them on. Bonita stood up and walked several steps and wiggled her toes as she walked. "They are perfect. What do you think Steve?"

"They look nice."

After she changed we paid for her clothing and left the store. After a short walk to my room we entered.

"Before we clean up Bonita can I ask you something?"

"Yes of course Steve."

"May I kiss you?"

"I am afraid of what might happen if we do that now. After we clean up and go to dinner I will let you kiss me. "

We entered the motel room and put her bags on the queen size bed. I told her I would go first and she could watch TV as I showered and shaved. I took a shower and shaved my face and my body all smooth and nice, in case I got lucky later. I even shaved my penis and scrotum. I keep everything smooth during the summer. It looks and feels cleaner to me. I quickly got dressed in my polo shirt, khaki pants and sandals.

"You look nice Steve. I will try to hurry." Bonita took her new clothes into the shower and closed the door.

I was getting an erection in my pants thinking about this cute BBW totally nude in the shower only feet from where I sat. I could her showering through the door. After about ten minutes the door opened and Bonita stuck her head out. She looked embarrassed. "do you have a razor I can borrow to shave my body with?"

"Yes Bonita I do. Do you need shaving cream as well?"

"Yes that would be best soap can make me break out with a rash."

I handed her my razor and can of shaving cream through the door. All kind of thoughts raced through my head. Shave my body? What was she shaving? Legs? Pussy? Anus? I love clean smooth bodies on an older BBW. Maybe I would get to experience that later.

About 15 minutes later Bonita left the bathroom wearing her white dress. As far as I could tell she was wearing nothing else. We had not purchased any underwear and I had not asked. Bonita had a towel on her head to absorb the water.

"I will need about ten minutes to dry my hair. What time is it?"

"About 6:45. Socorro Springs is open until 9:00 so we have plenty of time. Bonita where is your car parked?"

"Oh it is parked in the square about three blocks from here. It will be fine for a few hours. We can move it later."

Bonita moved the hairdryer rapidly over her pretty brown hair. I noticed small flecks of gray near her temples. After a few minutes her hair was dry and she brushed it until it was straight.

"Do you think I should wear nail polish?" She asked.

"On your fingers and toes?" I responded.

"I never wear polish on my fingers. On a rare occasion I will polish my toenails. Problem solved I have no nail polish with me. I prefer to go without anyway."

Bonita picked up her new white thong sandals and adjusted the heel straps. She moved next to me and flung her thick calve of her right leg right on top of my erection. I was startled and she pretended not to notice my erect cock straining to get out.

"Will you put this anklet on my ankle Steve?" My hands shook as I grasped the gold anklet from her hand.

Yes of course. I had a hard time finding the eyelet. My hands grasped her ankle and sandaled foot. I finally got it hooked. She had to feel my cock pushing against her leg.

We left the motel and drove to the restaurant. We both ordered steak dinners and ate slowly as we looked at each other and talked. We enjoyed the dinner and spent about two hours looking at each other and talking. I paid for our dinner and Bonita paid for the tip.

I drove Bonita to her car. As she got out we exchanged phone numbers. As she was about to get in I kissed her. I forced my tongue into her mouth and we French kissed for about ten minutes.

"What do we do now?" I asked Bonita.

"I would say take it slow. I am too old for slow. Do you want me now Steve?"

"Yes I want you."

Bonita's hand found my cock and rubbed my erection through my pants.

"Let us go and drive to my room. I want you now if we stay here I will fuck you in the car."

"That sounds ...
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