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Mom ... Can I... Fuck Your Face?

I am an 18 year old guy. I love my mother and my mother loves me. But lately as puberty kicked in I felt this affection in a completely different manner.

She began to sexually arouse me. It's strange because my mother is not a bold, sexy or hot chick who's thirty years old, she's just hit forty and has a very motherly face and attitude. Her body is also moderately attractive with fertile breasts - big but not huge - and she sports a fine butt.

I wouldn't call her sleek but at 5'8 she's tall and that makes her look sublime. She speaks in a very soft accent and has a very melancholy voice.

I'm a very introverted person who does not enjoy being social. My mother shares all my secrets, she's my audience for my every triumph and debacle. She knows that I feel uncomfortable around girls and thus tries to fill in whenever and wherever she can. She gives the utmost importance to my education and does not let anything bother my mind.

Lately the only thing bothering my mind was my sex drive. I've been spending all my time watching pornos and dirty magazines. I began to realize that my mother knows about this habit and it had troubled her, but little did we know that what would unfold that day would trouble her for a long time to come.

It was a Sunday afternoon and the sun was shining outside. My father was away with his friends and my mother was watching soap operas downstairs. I was meant to study for my exams but instead I was jerking off to porn.

"Honey come down! Tea is ready!!" My mom called me down, "Coming mom!" I replied. My dick was swelled and rock hard. I was in pain - wanting to relieve myself but miserably failing.

I kept thinking about my mom. Visions of her made me hornier by the second. I grabbed a couple of cushions and started humping it with my dick in between. I yelled "Fuck you mom! Fuck you! It's your fault! Why are you doing this to me?" It made me angry thinking that my mom was responsible for the pain I felt.

Thinking this I started humping the cushions faster and with more force and started punching the cushions with one of my fists.

I was busy in my haywire when I heard my mother's voice slowly calling me, "Honey! Please stop this. I can't bear it anymore." I was struck with lightning as I quickly pulled myself together and rushed to hide my penis with the cushions.

Mom was standing right in front of me. She had a glimpse of fear and shock on her face . I guess she saw the entire show I put up, right from the start.

She rushed and stood next to my chair. She put her arms around me and gave me a strong hug. "What is it kiddo? What is it that I have done that's bothering you so much that you hate me?" She paused while looking at the cushions in my hand and then continued, "Please tell me dear!"

The entire situation caught me off guard. It was way awkward for me to hold anything back now, and I said, "It's not your fault mom, it's me. Lately my head's been spinning and all I could think about is...relieving myself...jerking off and stuff." My mom heard every word with patience.

"Mom, the problem is that when I do this I tend to think of you."

"What? But why me?" She asked in surprise.

"I can't control it mom it just happens spontaneously and just thinking of a woman in my house who hugs me and plays with me is not helping at all. It frustrates me mom, it really does."

There was an awkward silence in the room. After swallowing every thing I said, she began, "Okay son. I understand that you have a very mature problem and I cannot bear to see my dear suffering. You can't help having fantasies about me, but I will help you with anything you need to get yourself off. Tell me, how can I help?"

I couldn't believe my own ears. My mom just said that. She continued without waiting for my answer."Don't be shy son, I promise I won't get mad or hurt from anything you say so speak up kiddo."

"Mom, I...want to fuck your face. Mom...can I fuck your face?" I said these exact words with all my strength, shouting maybe.

My mom was taken aback, she lowered her head and joined her hands in a praying posture.She stayed like this for about half a minute. Then she slowly whispered, "Okay."

She raised her head and looked me in the eyes, "I know that you are troubled and frustrated son. If it helps you kiddo, you can take it out on me, it's a mother's duty to..."

"Thank you mom!" I said, interrupting . I stood up flashing my hard dick at mom, threw away my T shirt and approached her in my birth suit. She watched me surprisingly the whole time.

My mom was sitting on my chair. I stood up on the seat of the chair, my penis nearly touching my mother's lips. I said, "Open up mom! Open up for the airplane." She opened her mouth and I pushed my throbbing six inch penis in her mouth.

I leaned forward so that I could access her throat better.

My mom was gagging on my cock but I pressed on, pushing my penis deeper into her throat. If someone would have saw that scene they would've gotten the shock of their lives. A mother sitting on a study chair near the window fully dressed, her eyes facing the ceiling wall and her naked son standing on the chair and pushing his penis into her throat.

My mother grabbed my hips trying to stop me, her fingernails dug deep in my butt. I knew well that my mom was choking but couldn't stop myself. I was frustrated and angry.

It was the ringing of the telephone that brought me out of my trance. I pulled my dick from her mouth. "What was that all about honey?" She exclaimed with saliva all around her mouth.

"That's how we face fuck mom," I replied. The phone rang again and Mom ran downstairs.

It was my Dad. I heard from my room that he wouldn't be coming home for another four hours. I went downwards stark naked.

My cock was throbbing hungry for more. Mom was in the kitchen with her right hand on her chest. As I approached her she looked at my throbbing dick and then at my face.

Without saying a word I climbed up on the kitchen shelf, made my mom lean on the counter facing my balls, held her head in my hands and pushed my penis in her mouth.

She handled it better this time, opening her throat so it was easier for me to push my entire cock in - balls deep.

She grabbed the kitchen counter so that she remained still against my constant thrusts. She breathed heavily through her nose, and I could feel her deep breaths on my crotch. Her hazel eyed gaze stared into my eyes, and mine at her.

It was face fucking at its finest! More importantly it was between a mother and her son.

I continued fucking my mom's throat for about five or six minutes. Her mouth was filled with mucus and saliva and it was dripping out from her mouth.

We locked our gaze the entire time. Then I squatted on the counter and pulled my penis from my mother's throat, along with a lot of saliva and mucus out of her mouth running all over her neck, balls and cock.

My thrusts were now slower and less deep. Now I was fucking her mouth, my penis moving to and fro in my mom's mouth.

The slow thrusts of my penis in mom's mouth continued for quite a while. I felt a weird pain in my penis as if something was trying to burst out of it. Then it happened.

The silence was broken. I was going to cum in my mother's mouth. On realizing what was happening I pushed my cock down her throat again. The blast was so huge that her eyes widened.

She gagged . Two ropes of cum shot out of her nostrils simultaneously. She closed her eyes and shouted in pain but all that came out was more gagging and choking. Then another rope came out of her right nostril.

Now she was slapping the kitchen counter in pain, but I kept my penis in her throat until her slaps faded.

After a minute I slowly pulled out my cock from her throat, due to all the mucus, saliva and cum. It felt like my penis was glued in her mouth.

Nonetheless I pulled it out slowly, mom's mouth remained open. Her entire mouth was filled with white gunk. I rested my penis touching my mother's forehead, her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. We stayed like this for about half a miute.

As she opened her eyes, black lines of eyeliner tears ran down from her eyes, I could feel her body shivering. I stood up and jumped from the kitchen counter onto the floor. My mom was looking at me, the ropes of cum were running from her nostrils to her upper lip. White glue covered everything beneath that.

Seeing this sight I felt my frustration melting away. I felt kind of sorry for my mother but I knew this would satisfy me and it would satisfy her. On the other hand seeing her in this manner made me hard again . I felt lighter and happier; this made me smile.

Finally she spoke, "I see you're happy son. I'll go clean this mess up, my nose burns. You enjoy your moment." She moved towards her bedroom but I grabbed her hand.

"Mom I'm not done yet," I said pointing at my hard dick. One more round." I said. She looked at me, amazed. I took her to the sofa and made her lean with her head hanging downwards.

I stood there with my mom's head in between my legs. By now my cum had dried up in the form of ropes on her mouth and from her nose. I leaned forward and entered her already messed up mouth . I sat naked on my mom's face. My balls blocked her nose.

Judging what was about to happen mom opened up her throat but my balls and prior events made it difficult for her to breathe through her nose. Anyway I pushed my erect penis into her throat. It went deep and clean without any obstruction.

I started thrusting my penis in and out of mom's throat. She pressed her stomach with both her hands and took it like a champ. That was the moment of ultimate pleasure. Saliva and mucus ran down mom's mouth backwards into her nose and eyes. Gradually her entire face and hair were covered in this glue. Strings of saliva were hanging from her face and dripping onto the floor.

I was more subtle this time around I fucked her face for a while then slowed down to allow her to catch her breath, this lasted for more than ten minutes . Steadily I reached my orgasm. It was another big load, I could feel it. Again without telling mom I came deep in her throat, but did not immediately stop humping her face. Slowly her entire face ran white with my cum.
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