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I Had a Fantasy About You Today

"Ummmmm Ahhh! I'm cummmminnng! I hear Ginni squeal again as I see her slut juices overflowing her pussy and I open my mouth and try to catch some of her squirt. You pull your fat cock out of her slut hole and your grab me roughly by the hair and say. "Come here you little slut so I can face fuck you some more!" Obediently, I open my mouth wide and I suck all of Ginni's slut juices from your cock and you begin to face fuck me once again. I hear you let out a loud grunt as you thrust your cum soaked cock so deep into my throat that I can feel your swollen mushroom head hit the back of my throat. Suddenly, I feel your cock begin to engorge and I feel your hot cock juice shooting down my throat as I begin to swallow every bit of it using my throat muscles to milk every last drop from you...

As the two of us lie down on the bed together leaving Ginny standing at the foot of the bed unsure whether she should join us for a rest, you look at me with your big brown eyes full of lustful confusion and you begin to stammer while you watch in amazement as I stretch back up to playfully grab Ginny by both her hands and pull her down between us onto the bed. "Come here my good little dick sucking slut for a girlfriend!" I playfully shout to her before we lock into another passionate kiss right in front of you.

"Ohh! I loved sucking his cock!" Ginni announces to both of us.

"That's a good girl Ginni because Blaize has to have his cock sucked at least twice a day and with you around, I can rest my jaws sometimes!"

"Whoa! What are you, I-I mean, how did you two meet?" You stammer as you lie on your side looking at both of us.

I glance down and I notice that you are becoming aroused again so I bring this to Ginni's attention by telling her, "Oh Ginni, I believe your new toy is growing!" I wink and smile wickedly as I watch her dark cat eyes glisten with lusty excitement. Immediately, Ginny grabs you by the base of your cock and firmly grips it as you roll over onto your back and watch her suck it back to life.

"Hmm. Yeah, damn baby, you want to suck my cock some more?" I watch you coax her as you use both your strong hands and gently pull her hair from her face and hold it out of her way as her mouth is filled with your fat cock and she begins to suck it as far down as she can go without choking.

"Yeah, that's good baby girl", I coo as I gently but firmly grab her behind her neck and help guide her to pump your cock with her mouth. "Blaize is gonna learn how to appreciate you Ginni! Won't you Blaize?" I ask you as you raise your eyebrows as if to question me while you do your best to focus on my answer to your previous question despite what is going on at the moment.

Satisfied that Ginni can handle your cock by herself I release my grip on her neck and I move to press my lips to yours so that I can feel your wet tongue force my mouth open as you passionately kiss me. Catching my breath, I pull away from your grip and look back at Ginni, "No Ginni! Don't pull off of his cock until he cums down your throat!" I order her. "Blaize don't mind a drooling mess, he likes it wet!" I tell her softening my voice as she obediently wraps her lips around the fat head of your cock and continues to bob up and down it while she fights the urge to wipe away the slobber drooling from her mouth. Catching a whiff of your spicy man cologne as your body heats up again, I turn my attention back to you, "Okay, I will tell you now because I believe now is the best time to tell you!" I smile mischievously down at you and wink.

"Ohhh really?" You ask me in your 'you know how to work me over' voice.

I knowingly bat my eye lashes and smile back at you because I know that I am about to have my way with you. "Well." I begin as I turn my eyes on Ginni who is doing her best at multi-tasking by staying focused on sucking your cock while she listens to our conversation which is centered around her. "Ginni, sweetie, it will feel better to him if you grab his balls and squeeze them gently while you suck."

"Ooh. Oh yea." I hear you respond when you feel the slight pressure and tug of Ginni's fingers gently playing and gripping your balls.

"Baby, Ginni and I have been sleeping together for more than a year now and we are in love." I tell you as I hear a faint gurgle from Ginni's throat as she begins to bob down on your cock more aggressively in anticipation of your reaction. "Don't get upset with me because I still love you too! I love both of you!" I hurriedly plead to you as I watch you strain with pleasure as you hear my shocking revelation. "Please tell me you're not mad!"

"What? Mad?" You almost sound as if you are going to laugh and then I watch you glance up at the ceiling, roll your eyes back for a second, then inhale and exhale deeply before looking back down at Ginni and speak to her in a mild, husky voice, "Hoa! Dammit girl! I like the way you are sucking that cock. Do you like sucking that cock?" I watch Ginni as she has her mouth stuffed full of your cock and she makes sure to keep her watered eyes dead set on yours while she muffles and nods her head yes. You look back at me and now you are the one wearing the devilish grin. "So babe, I tell ya what."

"What?" I ask.

I can see a glimmer of mischievousness shining through your glazed brown eyes as you tell me, "If this hot slut can swallow this load I'm about to blow down her pretty little throat, and she don't miss a single drop then I promise ya. I won't be mad at ya babe!"

"Did you hear that Ginni? You got to swallow every drop of his cum!" I warn her as Ginni muffles another "Mmhmm!" and nods her head yes.

I can tell that you are getting close because I can see your cock getting fatter, smell the muskiness of your sex, and feel your hot breath as it tickles my tits promoting goosbumped nipples. Reaching towards your cock, I remove her hand which is snugly gripping you and I replace her hand with my own, firmly squeezing the thick and saturated feel of the fleshy base of your hot stick as I coax Ginni some more, "That's right Ginni! Don't stop milking his balls with your hand. As soon as you taste his cum, I want you to push your mouth down onto his cock as far as you can stand it and hold it! Don't forget to swallow as he shoots it down your throat!" My own arousal is growing and I am so turned on by the sight of you two that I feel my own juices begin to flow as my clit grows.

Leaning over you, I place my other hand gently onto the back of her head right beneath where your hands are still gripping her hair tightly out of the way and I begin to softly speak to her, "Okay, my hot little slut, when he shoots into you, I'm gonna hold your head steady so you can't pick it up until you are done swallowing his cum so be ready!" I warn.

Before Ginni can muffle out another yes we hear you rumble deep, "Here it is! Mmmm!"

"He's cumming now! Go down now! As far as you can!" I gently push her head down as I remove my hand from the base of your cock so that there is nothing there to stop her as I encourage Ginni to go further. I listen to your rapid gasps as you are once again centered on ecstasy as Ginni amazes both of us and takes you down almost to the base of your cock. "Good girl Ginni! Another inch and his cock will be submerged!" We both watch her face turn crimson as she strains to keep your cock in place and swallow your hot cum. Softly, I place my hand around Ginni's throat and I use my fingers to lightly caress her throat muscles and I can feel her tiny muscles beneath my fingertips rapidly bouncing to the beat of your juice ricocheting off the roof of her mouth and shooting straight down into her throat as she swallows you.

"Uh huh! You can taste that hot cum, can't you?" I rub it in as I catch Ginni wincing at the unexpected suddenness of your salt seed splashing onto the back of her tongue.

Slowly, I glide my fingers like feather weights upwards along her nape and firmly grasp her chin. Gripping her chin firmly between my thumb and fingers, I allow my hand to follow Ginni's face and admire her plump luscious lips gliding up your slick cock, never breaking her glazed expression as suddenly we both realize that her hand is thrashing on her clit so fast that it is almost invisible. Once she is halfway up your cock, she stops and opens her eyes wide as her moans are muffled by your fat cock which is still stuffed in her mouth. Having no control, Ginni relaxes her lips for a split second and her glazed eyeballs bounce from me to you and back to you. "Don't stop sucking!" He's still got some more cream in there for you!" I command her as she begins to spasm with the first throws of her own orgasm while focusing on bucking her hand to rid herself of her own juices while she is sucking every last drop of cum from you.

Wearing a look of proud satisfaction that she has just sucked you dry, Ginni smiles as soon as she pops the fat head of your semi-flaccid cock from her mouth and without breaking her intense gaze from your eyes, she boldly asks you, "So, am I a keeper or what?"

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