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Before going to write and add my pages, i feel i should write a few lines to describe the situation and my position,that made me think abt going for the creation of a site like this ! I need to bring u over to the back stage !

Last week i was having a talk with som of my friends, one of whom was an ex-user of pepe ! We wer surprised and sad enf on a concensus that Indian text book writers and NCERT both are not performing their tasks properly !
I cant say wheather they are closing eyes purposefully or not, but their ( willful ?) ignorance will be proved2be fatal!

When we were in school we wer taught that in mathematics, the sys the globe uses for counting is called Decimal sys !In hindi we call it dusmic ( DUS for ten i.e nine nos and a zero) system of counting, How ever till today there is no difference of open'on on the origin and the wold as on today accepts india as the mother of the most effective system of counting and evn in the ages of computer we use the same logics in hexa-decimal sys or in binary sys ! To our surprise we observd,text buks of our school daz had termed decimal sys,as indian sys or at places as hindu sys of counting but,
We find that, its now reffering it as hindu-arabic sys ! simillerly, VEDIC mathematics isnt taught as vedic maths butAt places it is termed as Playing with nos evn they forget to write the author's name also !

I cudnt guess its a mistake, a willful denial or a sinister design but our emotions was being played with for dacades !It gives an impression dat if this trendz cntinuz thn our nex gens may read it as arabic sys f counting ! Lets stop it !This site is a very small attempt to bring some facts to light so that most of our indian bros wud learn to give agn ,the same light of knowledge for coming thousand years4which we are a part of the legacy ! IT ll primarily focus on ancient india`s contribution in various subjects as maths,...
Now the whole world know and says that ancient Arabian mathematician read in old Indians Pathshalas. Vedic mathematics exist when The other world not know more then bread and chicken.!
29.11.2011 20:14 EST,
V gud sis ji aap sab se acha kam kar rhe ho
22.10.2010 07:14 EDT,
Hi pallavee
26.08.2010 04:46 EDT,
Sis, u ve dne a grt job. it s nt ezy 2 colct thse info. it needs mre patience n hardwrk 2 do ths. i ws shckd wen readng ths (arabic sys) we nvr gonna alow ths. a sml rqst, mak a blog n wrt these, so tht it wil rech mre ppl, ezy 2 read n mak commnts. thnks 4 d info.. jai hind...
17.08.2010 06:57 EDT,

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