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<< It is India that gave us the ingenious method of expressing all numbers by ten symbols,each symbol receiving a value
of position, as well as an absolute value . We shall appreciate the grandeure of this achievement when we remember that
it escaped the genious of Archinedes and Appolonius >>
>>>LAPLACE, The french mathematician !

Vedic civilisation had a unique ness in its acceptance of continual progress of thoughts .It never believd in tieing a knot or putting a restriction on any intelectual thoughts . May it be its philosophy which presents the concept of life which was defined as a big GO from nothing ness2Mokshya or, in mathematics, from Zero to INFINITY .Let me explain myslf.

In the 5th century'S Romans or4th century Greeks had their own system of counting of numbers,which were being written just as symbols but without a logic, so it is worth to be mentioned that,they cudn't count beyond Milley (thousand) or Myraid (ten thousand) [source>Ved vigyan shree ; pg 184] On the other hand, Genious indians cud count even beyod TEN followed by 139 zeros (Asankshya) ! A few of The names they used were Tadlaxana (1followed by53 zeros) , or Mohoudh (1followed by 60Zeros) ! and further more, they knew fractions and used them in astronomy and philosophy too !

But the Arabs came to know the hindu system of counting as they were the major link between india and the urope !The whole world had been facing problem in counting but Hindus had the solution ! Here came an Arab Mathematician on 9th Century AD ! In order to learn the way of counting which was going to be the foundation of modern mathematics,he learned The Sanskrit language and later he cud hav a dip into the ocean of hindu mathematics ! He ws AL-KHWARIZMI! So then the arab cud know the essence of hindu mathematics !! but europe was still trying 2 find a way ! On12th cent the same book...
Arabic mathematician were stolen the work of our great vedic pundits.But thanks of research,trueth comes to the world.Also we now give most number of scientist to the world.!
29.11.2011 20:28 EST,
BHUKA L##D, bhukhe nange to tum ho hi,par ye jan ke bdi khusi hui ki tum ek genuine id user ho ! wah wah Teri ammi abbu kya achha nam dhund ke rkha hai ! apna biradari me aur kya kya nam paye jate hain ? Agar padha likhe hote to shayd shi page me shi cment krte !
17.11.2011 12:14 EST,
This id is fake why this id the constitution of india permit us to scatter our thought every where there is a lot of evil in country why safe path of having TRP FOR PERSONAL PROFIT GO AND TELL OTHER TO DO IT BY FACE TO FACE DAMN FAKE ID
17.11.2011 11:04 EST,
22.08.2011 12:29 EDT,
That is so cool :-) x
24.07.2011 16:16 EDT,
Let us do something for our Dharma
21.02.2011 11:13 EST,

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