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a talk on GOD

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Every human is a small constituent of a society&needs a God to worsip or evn 2deny,if 1 terms himself as an atheiest ! In a different way it can be said that, Every body belongs to a sect and every sect is identified with its own God ! Although there are many conceptual differences, i would mainly focus on the similarities they have, and there with in !

First of all, every religion believes in the existence of god ! i.e. every faith circles around the god in its Epicenter !
2ndly every religeon agrees,in the Supremacy &the oneness of God ! 3rdly every one believes in his God,as the only true God!

How was the scenerio before the religions were born ??Was God, not there before being institutionlisd ?? Was not people knowing to worship God before they were given a specific Doctrine in their hands ?? Were not the people Godly before the Religious preachers, prophets introduced them with a God with a new defination of godliness ?

Common sense answrs, yes ,God was there before mankind could realyz his existence & wise were there even before the literatures ! But yes,the role of the Institutions was just2 organise the people & give a new dimension to bless their lives,in a systematic way Considering the concept of God in different faiths and the way,they define the relation between the MAN & his MAKER, we need not proudly say, today we Stands, on the same basic postulates, as we had in our earliest society still we are not conservatitve or orthodox !
ITS needless2say, india with its Purusaharth, was and will, remain a.giver.always, in the field of SPIRITUALITY, As a GURU in the history of mankind for ever ! For us the Purusharth, karma or the deeds are the key to our destiny !
God is the invention of man only....its only a rule for society
08.12.2012 07:37 EST,
Null hypothesis ji, So far as i know, in the begining dayz of our religious journey there was no temples or there was no idols ! Only that, there was the yagyans&the vedic karmkand ! you might be surprised but, The BHAGWAN in the sanatan dharm which is the hindu dharm of today never said, worsip me4heaven or offer me prasad if you want this/that, i mean there is no compulsion of any kind ! Even the vedas have a place for the nastiks ie. atheists also has a place in the Lap of God but,theonly thing that the vedas suggest is if1has2attain salvaition then he has2stick2the principle of KARMA !
03.07.2012 04:07 EDT,
Bhagwan anant kal se h aur rahenge.Sristi k vinash hone k baad bhi unka astitv rehta h.sristi to maya h,Jo unke adheen h ise ve samay ane par punen utpan kar date hai.Es prithvi par gyan ka prakash saptrishi failate h parantu jaise Kaliyug age chalega dharm kheen hota ja raha to chkr h Dharm utpan hoga.Satya Rishion ki dain hai,ye Tapashya se milta hai...!Janwar khakar,buchadkhane chalakar gyan nahi mila karta!
10.12.2011 21:14 EST,
Definitely before the big bang also god exists.coz god is not a shape or's an energy.Who were neither born nor extinct.
25.10.2011 04:55 EDT,
The concept of existence of god is a mystery to those who do not believe in god...and for those who believed ,,,
06.10.2011 13:30 EDT,
Samir, Ap tb Islam ko nei smjhe hai ya phir uski glt interpretation kr rhe hai ! ap true or false god ki baaten kya kr rhe ho ? islam ki mukhy adhaar LA ILLAH IL LALAH KA mtlb kya hai ? There is no god, but allah ! Aur jhan hinduon Iswar allah tere naam krta rhta hai arthat allah aur Istar ek hai, whin ap hinduon ke iswar ko ap iswar hi nei mante ho ! true or false ki bat to bad ki baat hai ! aur jhuthi comment kyun likh rhe ho ?
19.03.2011 21:30 EDT,

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