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Shrinking teritory

At first india,and much later the world, had defined God as the maker,the creator, the operatior of the whole universe !Thank god, we are not atheists so, we believe in god ! we accept him as our father n this is how the whole mankind Is related with god! This was perhaps the earliest derivation of MAN & THE GOD relationsip ! And all the major faiths are,till today having the same theory, which is not able to explain many perturbations logically still they dont allow
freedom of questioning by raising hands ! So one has to be either a conservative \ orthodox by accepting this theory or An atheist, simply by rejecting the theory or by raising eye brows ! I add testimony :
If god is the creator of every thing,almighty,capable of doing every thing and its true,then how 2 explain rain caused by firing rockets ? we know the chemical compounds 2day,that can cause it to rain ! does it mean that, we got GOD'HOOD?
Who became the god then ? The scientist who developed the technology, the technician who assembled the missile or the person who switched on the rocket ?? But its true that science can cause rain today and even without god's approval !
Do v conclude that the effctive kingdom of god is shrinking ? TODAY we have techniq 2 generate, nurture & destroy live foetus in medical laboratories ! Thanks2 ( or damn with ) the Genetic engineering ! Does it mean the laboratory isnt in the influencial teritory of god ?

MY dear friends, does not the laws breaks down here ? How to establish god as Omni present,omni potent and omni scient ?We are now on the cross road where we have 2choose between being an Orthodox or an atheist ! We cant be progressive with
a concept which is not compatiable with time, which can not adjust it self with the latest scientifyc developments !
AN absurd or illogical concept can not fulfil the world's...
SO AHAM....aham atma sarba vutani tistati...zantrani rudhhani mayaya...krishna in gita...
16.12.2010 13:25 EST,
bahut bahut achchha lga.soi jane jei deo janai.
26.10.2010 00:47 EDT,
man cn't becm god bt he cn inerfer in gods work, i beliv naturz god b'caz naturz the creator(brahama), provider(vishnu) n elminator(shiva)! By intrferng in naturz work we r creatng imbalanc. Scintsts may mak clone babys, thy may mak artificl rain, cn thy stop tsunami r earthquak, cn thy stop the famin in somalia no thy cnt. GOD IS ALWAYS ALMIGHTY!!! human cnt survive challanging GOD!!!
25.10.2010 06:59 EDT,
Thnx Aunty ji, really a nice lesson for every one those are belive in GOD or those r not. If everyone carefully Folow in life,no any problem will comes in their ways. God bless you and your family.
25.10.2010 01:23 EDT,
Correct,we believe in gud with all heart n soul
25.10.2010 01:07 EDT,

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