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towrds singularity 1

Before we proceed, lets take a birds eye view on DVETA VAD, Which was superceed by the philosophy of ADVET !
Dveta (Read as dweta) is a word, used to describe TWO(2) and it comes from Sanskrit dvi/dwi,which counts 2 ! Now coming 2 Vad !
It means 'ism, Theory,a Path or a Concept! Its used to describe Philosophy ! Example Gandhi vad means Gandhism or The Samya vad 4 communism etc ! SO if joined together, Dvet vad becoms,the theory of the two'es or A concept, which involves Two agencies ! then who are they? Its very simple frnds ! 1st is the immortal GOD n the 2nd is v,the mortals ! One is the maker the creator or the Shrasta and the other one is us, the mades, the creatures or the shristi !

God who has fathered this entire universe and ofcouse the man 2, is a different entity from us, his sons !
Though he creates, loves,cares n is concernd of us but, our worlds are different bcoz of a non-negotiable gap bet us ! The relationship is like one, between a Shoe and a Shoe maker !
Note worthy is That, The shoe cannt be a part the shoemaker, phyisically or socially, nor logically ! Both cant dwell togather ! God dwells in heaven and cant come down to the earth & we,the mortals had2b confined in our earth & heaven was denied 4 us ! In nut shell,

IT can be Summerised s God has created his creation as an external or a separate entity from himself or he isnt a part of the world he Created !
ITS obvious and as simple as when we make or construct som thing, though we own them but they cant be a part of us !
This is the Dvet way of defining our relationship with our maker,the father whom we reffer as God !

Never the less to say, this concept or defination of god, held good and it was doing,untill human was ready to believe,what he was said to believe but With the improvement of science, and as the nature went on revealing her secrets more n more we began to think that,what we were believing as an act will...
I leave wiser
22.01.2011 18:26 EST,
16.12.2010 13:45 EST,
Adwet is word what we can only but cant putforth its theory it is based on 'Nirgun Nirakar' entity of god . Nirgun means a thing that dont posseses qualities of living being and Nirakar means a thing that dont posses a figure or a quantity of volume
30.10.2010 13:06 EDT,
Congratulation my friend. Good work with proper research. Keep it up. But u know better than me that it is the most debatable subject of Indian Philosophy Dwet or Adwet. No one can say which one is near to the reality. But you r doing marvellous. It is also a way of chalenge that if anyone knows better than u he or she is free to put comments on this. Great. Again thanks.
29.10.2010 11:44 EDT,
u said humanz togling btwn God n truth. Isnt god the truth. Wt i tnk is defnetion of God shud b modified wt time
27.10.2010 01:56 EDT,
Except few things, everything else has been presented beautifully.. I would throw some light on those things.. I will come back.. Let me get home.. I'm somewhere out.. But Good job didi.. You're wonderful.. :-)
27.10.2010 01:05 EDT,
aap me eloverate krne ki adhbhud kshmta h.koi bhi vishay ho bahut sukshm rup se aap uski vyakhya krne m purn sakchhm h.m aapko nmn krta hu?
27.10.2010 00:22 EDT,
Gd mrng sis very relìgioustic.
27.10.2010 00:00 EDT,

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