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the necessity

Winning of Shankar Acharya does'nt really mean a defeat of his counter part or Dwet vad was proved to be wrong!Rather it was a refinement of dwetvad which could enhance the spiritual vision onto the maximum extent with the minimum permissible modifications! But the people who don't have the knowledge or realisation r still using dwetVAD to co-relate!
Its symetric to the case as, while newtonian mechanics is sufficient2 explain the trajectory of an object or th effects of gravity on the heavenly wandering bodies but it breaks at the point,when the body travels faster, say it reaches the
speed nearly equal2 light ! IT becomes incapable2explain the time dilation, the mass dilation or even d bending of light! One needs a refined and much higher version of theories2 understand the dynamics then,V need THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY !

Just imagin, if after Galelio or Sir Newton, the science would have tied a knot to the growth in the field of dynamics, then, could newton, or einstain or max plank succed their former counter parts ? could not we find science out dated ?

Hindutva is not merely a method of worsip or not limited2 a bunch of directives,4a perticular group of People or society! This is the reason as a life philosophy, the hindu society adopts reflects and nurtures Advetvad n Dwetvad is alive 2!

......HARI OM

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