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Frame of refference

During the Dharm yudh of kurukshetr, the entire war was witnessed by Velal sen from a diff height from the war ground ! After the war when the winner Pandavs were on a discussion on their contributions, Arjun, Bhim n all were arguing to dignify their prsonal contributions,so as2 prove that they were individually the key2the victory, sri Krishna intervened and suggested to ask the witness who had seen the war from the beginning till the end but from a different height !

Laughing at them all, the wise VELAL SEN revealed, that none of them had killed any body&the fact was each 1 of them was killed by a flying Chakra, Known2be the weapon of lord Krishna! What does it symbolize? pl take a look at the points !

1.0> While evaluating or judging some thing one should not look the matter from the eyes of the persons involved !
1.1>One has to change his frame of reference to give the true judgment as one has to go beyond earth2 watch it moving !Else the rotating earth would appear stationary4an earthly observer !Wise r the people who knew it evn being on earth !
1.2>true wisdom isn't enhanced by eyes,the ears or the other senses,because they often misguide !What one needs is the insight !
2.0> Krishn symbolizes the Guru,conscience keeper and a guide in one's journey of life Purusharth !
2.1 > He symbolizes the ultimate purush, the chetan and arjun the prakriti,the body which shoulders the godly task !
2.2>Krishna in whole Mahabharat has not killed any of the evils but he is soully the doer n Arjuna is he,who does it4him!

3.0 > The Chara symbolizes the destiny for them, who do wrong or adharm !
3.1>Though the pandavs felt that, they were at war and own, in reality its the act of god who did all !
3.2>Every dead 1, was Fallen prey into the hands of kaal,or bcame a victim of position (space )and time !
ya and dis may also reveal the secret of Time Travel.Twin paradox is also the example.
02.11.2011 03:51 EDT,
This frame of thots were not even felt by the great pandavas but their singularity shows they were pretty too egoistic. Nice write..
06.10.2011 13:25 EDT,
wonderful u have a deep insite of dharma charcha...u r my type mam,thats why i love people of my type.frame of differenc
13.12.2010 21:37 EST,

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