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Going towards Singularity

the first step

While defining theology of Advet, i will try to ensure to make it the simple and chewable cause if one doesn't understand the basic features of the theory, there is ample chance of getting confused ! So readers are requested to be careful !
Advet is the only way of life, which while glorifying God, dignifies mankind 2 n recognizes human affinity to become God !So lets deepen into the theology of advet !

Before anything lets see, what ADVET VAD really means ! Its A-No, Dveta-Two or dual n VAD-Ism !
The name itself describes its characteristics ! ITS a theory of NON-DUALITY, a Concept where no2nd agency is involved ! It recognizes God or the Brahma as the only truth n it regards Jagat,the physical universe as untrue, or false !
So on this logic,,IT SAYS
(1.) BRAHM(God)SATYA (true)& JAGAT(the material world) MITHYA(untrue), or then it becomes,
IT can be noted that, Mortals does not mean the living beings only, rather it Means the whole decaying physical world ! Now the point is, Why n How could the physical world be, Untrue then ?

We all know everything that has a beginning, has a definite end ! Be a minor molecule or the mighty mountains,The earth,the sun, the milky way or the billion galaxies, From the micro to the macro, every thing has to perish in the hands of KAA'L or the TIME ! OR EACH BORN, DO ENDS IN A DEATH !
It may sound weird to an ordinary person because its not easy to decline or to look beyond the physical world Of attachment, which seems or appears so true so real or so much involving ! But why ? Why this confusion ? How to rise above this mirage ?
IS it possible for some one,to detach, deny, unrecognized or decline or reject his own-self, from the material world in total or even,by parts ? If the way we view our relationship with our family,friends, home, the society or everything
of this physical...
Your way of expressing feelings is beyond my existence(?) Appreciation is the only thing I can do mam...
23.02.2012 10:30 EST,
read the hint page about the concept of vedas then u talk on this dont borrow the vision of jakir nayak whom i refer as joker naik ! and in a coparision your koranic knowledge is not enough to comment on vedas ! this much i want to say that, u read vedas then understand what it says then u come for talk but instead of doing that, u are talking what that joker has said ? Your concept of spiritualism is nothing in compared to mine on the vedas ! so its better to stop nonsense about others when you dont have the adequate knowledge on that subject !
20.03.2011 01:39 EDT,
To know GOD the Father is to a Eternal Life of his Spirit which YOU are ONE with HIM.... To Separate from this blessing or gift... Is to choose to live on GOD'S footstooL in a life of Carnal lust an denial of GOD... Evil is ReaL as Is satan .... His goal is to separate you from GOD... Choose who you serve today... GOD or MaN ...... All ReLigions are false they use GOD falsely to serve Man in a Carnal life... GOD is SpiRit so you must Live spiritually accepting self(ego) no longer exsists. All you have is GOD's an you use to glorify him your daily life... !!!!!
Much to ponder. it is perhaps also mathmatical??
22.01.2011 18:10 EST,
Adveit is mother of our religeous doctrines thanks for my revision
23.12.2010 07:28 EST,
Advet........!! i mean no option !
12.11.2010 09:10 EST,
Nice entry. . . Palvi zizi.
12.11.2010 07:04 EST,
Aap m adhbhut kshmta h.BRAHM SATYM JAGAT MITHYA bahut hi ispst vishleshd kiya h.
12.11.2010 00:32 EST,

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