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i love u - Newest pictures

♥things that kill ur relationship♥

Not Listening
Communication is the crux of all
relationships, and if the
communication is not strong
then your relationship will not
be. Not only is talking about your
feelings important, but listening
is also vital.
When your mate is unleashing
his or her emotions on you,
make it evident that you are
taking what he or she says into
consideration. Do this by
showing a sincere interest in
things you know are important
to him or her, regardless if it is a
minor thing or a major thing.
Also, if your significant other
notifies you of an aspect of your
personality or behavior that he
or she dislikes that is within
reason, try your hardest to
prevent yourself from doing such
things in the future. Although
you may not completely eliminate
that annoying habit, the effort
that you show will be enough to
satisfy that person.
Excess Baggage
Everyone has baggage; however,
the key is dealing with that
baggage and not allowing it to
influence your relationship.
Everyone goes through obstacles
throughout their day that cause
stress. However, by no means
should you tell your mate every
time you are upset. With that
said, do tell the person when
something major happens to
you-not when you've been
plagued with something as
minor as a paper cut. Nobody
likes to be burdened with other
people's downfalls on a constant
basis because they are dealing
with their own misfortunes as
Commitment Problems
With time, a certain comfort level
is reached in a relationship.
When this happens, a
relationship becomes serious, or
in other words, committed. For
some, the word "committed"
entails labels and obligations.
In order to be in a committed
relationship, you must be mature
and realize that it will take hard
work and dedication to maintain.
Make sure that your mate knows
where he or she stands with you
at all times. This is achieved
through actions. Show your mate
how much he or she means to
you by writing a sentimental
poem or by literally telling that
Commitment is scary for many
because it serves as the end to
just being you and the beginning
for you being two. So if you are
in fact serious about your mate,
do not force him or her into a
commitment; rather, let things
ease into that stage. Do this first
by taking the relationship day to
day, and then as things progress,
subtly slip hints that you are
beginning to think about your
future together.
Family Matters
The family – you have to love
them even though most times it
would be easier to throw pixie
dust on them and wish they
would vanish off to Never land.
However, the reality is that you
must make sure you are on your
best behavior in front of them if
you want a serious long-lasting
relationship with your mate.
Keep in mind that you must think
of this task as a job. You can
make a great first impression,
but the staying power of that
impression is what counts. Make
sure the family feels that you are
not only getting to know them
for your mate, but that you are
also getting to know them
because you actually like them as
people. With that said, invite
them to join you in activities that
do not include your mate such as
Also, make sure you exercise
great mannerisms. This means
always cleaning the table after a
meal without being asked and
always offering to help in chores
around the house. Not only must
you go that extra mile, but you
also must make sure you impress
while doing so. This means
always bringing a dish of the
family's favorite food each time
you come over, or calling the
person's mom when at the
supermarket to see if she needs
Being a Workaholic
In this day and age, the height of
success is a long and rough road
to travel. In your voyage to
riches, you may unintentionally
neglect your special someone.
Your mate can only be so
supportive. Remember a long-
lasting relationship is as fulfilling
as a successful career. As a
career entails obstacles and levels
to reach the top, so do
relationships. However, this does
not mean to place your
relationship over your career, but
rather balance the two.
To maintain this juggling act, you
should try to invite your mate to
work gatherings and keep him
or her updated on the events in
your career. This way they will
feel connected to that aspect of
your life and will be more
understanding if you sometimes
decide to choose work over
If your mate still ends up
breaking up with you even after
all of this, do not waste your time
being upset; rather, be relieved
with the reassurance that you
can do much better.

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