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♥true love♥

I still remember the day when i
was going to write 10th exams,
the exam center was not far
enough from my house. my
friends and i went to write the
first exam. after the exam i saw
her, HARINI… at first nothing was
special and i came to know she
lives near my house. And later
than the exams were over and i
got joined in Intermediate
college, when the first day i
board the college bus… i saw her,
she was looking very attractive
as ever. Dont know why, i
wanted to see her all the time, i
dont know about her feelings
but she also used to take the
apportunity to see me. In the
crowded bus, i use to get the
shot of her eyes seeing me. then
later i fell in LOVE with those cute
eyes and then with her heart…..i
dont know the exact meaning of
LOVE but i wanted to do anything
forher…. I still remember when
in the evening while going to
home,one of the student
commented on her. I dont know
that she listened it or not but i
almost had fight with him… I was
really surprised by my own
behavior…fighting for some girl. I
was sure by now it was
LOVE….Slowly the matter got
leaked in my college bus
mates….some of my friends use
to shout while going to home
loudly ” SANDEEP-HARINI” i was
bit tensed but she used to
laugh…then in my second year i
decided to propose my love to
her. that day i was well prepared
and took a good greeting card
and followed her…but then i
could not dare to tell and then i
missed the chance.One day a guy
once met me… he suddenly
started to talk to me as if we are
best friends. he said he knows
about me and my LOVE.. he said ”
i can help you, i know some of
her friends”..He was Sanvith.. I
thought he was dropped down
by god to help me out. He
conveyed my LOve to her
through her friend…she still used
to laugh. I thought ” am i looking
like a JOKER”. Sanvith said to me ”
she said ‘ let him approach
himself’” . I then prepared once
again for Love proposal..that day
as usual all my bus mates were
shouting ” SANDEEP-HARINI”
when we reached our stop…she
seemed quite angry. she waited
after getting down.. I know she
was waiting for me.. when i
went to her. she said ” Hey, i told
you already. i dont like this type
of stuff. please dont disturb me. i
have to study”. i too wanted to
shout ” what did you tell me” but
sound was blocked in my mouth.
then she went. while going back
she gave a look back, i dont
know what was she thinking at
that time, i think she felt sorry,
then she said in a soft voice,
almost calmed voice. dont send
any mediators and disturb me.I
actually was confused on what
feelings to show. as i was a bit
happy that the first time she
talked to me and sad that that
she hated me. But this is all a
short love story with small twist…
But the actuall turning point in
my life was later after around a
month. I used to write my
personal diary….the diary was
the only one friend i shared all
my life with ,after my friend
Sanju…I used to maintain it
secretly. at last one day my mom
found that DIARy…In every page
of the diary Her name was
highlight..My parents scolded me
a lot…Actually my mom said that
Harini’s mother visited our home
to complain about me.It am still
not able to believe…next day
Sanju went to her and asked her
about that. she said” No, i did not
tell anything to my mother”. I
was not there at that time. i
could not go to college with that
scoldings. LOVE was very good
upto the day i was forced by my
parents to Burn the diary
myself,,,,IT WAS VERY PAINFULL. it
was like burning my own
memorys…. i lost my one close
friend-DIARY. i wanted to talk to
her many time but i remember
the day when she said ” dont
disturb me. i have to study”. I will
never leave her in my life. I will
talk to her dad after her studies
and also my studies. After i am
settled in a good position in my
life… I still love her a lot…I am not
forcing her to LOVE me back. i am
just making herrealise ” NOBODY
YOU…. You will be happy with me
beside you”

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