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☻↓Build A Robot↓☻

Learn how to build your own robot.
The below tutorial shows how to build a BeetleBot. For more information and pictures, see the links under sources and citations.
Edit Steps
1 Cut 13 2 .5 inch pieces of electric wire
2 Strip about 1 cm off each end of thewire .
3 Thin the end of each wire with the soldering iron .
4 Solder each wire to the ends of the motors and the switches .
5 Solder a short piece of wire to the positive end of one side of the battery holder to make it 1 .5V instead of 3V.
6 Glue the switches onto the battery holder in a A-shape so that the antennas cross . Make sure the short piece of wire you just glued on is in the front - this piece is known as the"third connection."
7 Glue the motors on the battery holder, but make sure they spin forward .
8 Make the third wheel in the back out of a paper clip and the pearl .
1. Unwind the paperclip.
2. Thread the paperclip through the bead to the middle of the paperclip.
3. Fold the paperclip in half and glue to the robot so that the bead trails behind like a wheel.
9 Solder the wires together .
10 Take two small paperclips and bend them to form antennae .
11 Glue them to the metal part of theSPDT switches .
12 Attach the heatshrink to the motor shaft with a lighter .
13 Put in the AA batteries, and you are done !
Edit Warnings
Make sure when you are building it you are wearing rubber gloves because even you could be electrocuted!
Edit Things You'll Need
2 1,5V motors
2 SPDT switches
2 AA batteries
1 AA battery holder
1 plastic or wooden pearl
1 heat shrink to fit over the motor shaft
Safety glasses
Soldering Iron
Glue gun
Wire strippers
Side cutter
exacto knife or scissorsx

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