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☻↓Mobile Broadband↓☻

How does it work?


☻Mobile internet☻technology allows you to do all the things you usually use your broadband connection for without needing a fixed-line telephone connection. This means you can access the internet while you're on the move (on public transport, for example), or away from home (perhaps on holiday, or atuniversity). Send email, visit websites–even watch streaming TV clips and download files–it's all possible.
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Mobile broadband works using eithera small portable USB modem (often called a dongle, or broadband stick), a data card or a built-in device (on some laptops) to connect to the internet using the same signal mobile phones use. This means, wherever you are, as long as you can get a signal from your mobile broadband provider, you can connectto the web.
Mobile internet is a great option for people who travel a lot, or have a long commute to work and need to make the best use of their time. It's possible to hook up to the internet injust about any location, so long as you're in an area with good coverage, making it great for business people . Smartphones are great, but why fiddle around on a BlackBerry when you can work on your laptop?
Mobile broadband is also increasinglypopular amongst subscribers who don't have a fixed residence, such as students . This is because you can payfor one internet service, but use it at home, in digs, in the library – even in lectures. Also, with lots of pay as you go options, you don't have to sign your life away to get it. Thanks to Mi-Fi , you can even share your mobile broadband connection now!
If you aren't subscribed to a mobile broadband service you can still make use the internet outside of your home, by using a laptop at a Wi-Fi hotspot. These are public areas where you're given the opportunity to hook up to the mobile internet through a shared connection, like using a wireless router at home.
These are most commonly found in stations, airports, hotels and cafes, and although some Wi-Fi hotspots are free to use, others require you to pay for your online time and can be very expensive. Also, you are using a public connection and although you should be able to surf safely, there are still risks attached. Of course, if you have mobile broadband, you can still use the free services when in these Wi-Fi hotspots – just rememberto switch over from your paid service!

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