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How To Control Mental Depression !

One has to face depression inlife several times, though it iscommon and ordinary feeling but if one is continuously depressed then it would not remain ordinary. If mental concentration process is followed that would give positive results. A book to tackle the mental depression,"Mindfulness: An Eight Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World" was published during last days narrates the results of study in this regard.
Mindfulness or mental concentration is to give full attention to one's thinkings and ideas. It is a kind of full mental concentration in which one has to concentrate his fullattention on the respiration. Giving attention to every aspiration and desperation helps to observe your the thinkings arising in your mind.Slowly and gradually you are enabled to be affected by thinkings, because you will know comprehensively that negative feelings and thinkings are temporary. These come in you mind for a while and vanish and you have the power to act upon or not.
Scientific studies have revealed that mindfulness notonly saves you from depression but it affects the parts of brain positively that face the anxiety, pressure, depression ans sensitivity, daily. If the negative thinking arises even then they diminish soon. In another study it was reported that thepeople who follow mindfulnessprocess that have less visits to doctors and hospitals. Their memory, creativity potential and reaction to outeractions were enhanced. You can lower your depression by:-
*---- Take Some Chocolates
Eat as much chocolates as you can but remember if your thinkings are astray then youare only moving you teeth and mouth, concentrate on thetaste and flavor of the chocolate. If you are taking it with out any imagination aboutit then you are deprived of itstaste. For example in a bar ofchocolate there are 300 tastes and how many you can taste? To remain linked to your senses is the heart of mental concentration. So act upon "Chocolate Concentration"
*---- Walk For At Least 30 Minutes
Walk is the best exercise anda clue to getting out of depression. Walk calms your tense nerves. Why not to start 15-30 minutes walk fromtoday. Walk does not mean to go far off, you can walk in your block (mohalla), only youhave to keep your mind opened. do not think that you have to complete it quickly. You will have to give attention to the things aroundyou and think upon that how your body and muscles are getting energy with each of your step. Your legs and feet are producing energy too. While walking concentrate on the voices, scenes and smellsaround you.
*---- Three Minute Interval In Respiration
It means that you have to concentrate on your respiration for three minutes. When you are in the conditionof anger, tiredness, or under pressure you forget how to remain calm. It looks like at the time that you are the preyto all the world. Three minute interval in respiration is a sort of mindfulness for the purpose. It has two advantages, first is that you get enabled to control your negative thinkings, before that they get control of you. Second advantage is that it isan emergency mental concentration and you thinkings do not go uncontrollable.
When you are concentrating on mindfulness, you may feel that your mind is running but it is completely natural phenomenon. When you think that you mind is stranded withfull concentration it can be brought back on right path. Three minute mindfulness is for the purpose.

by Dr Khizar Hayat

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