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control cholesterol

Control Cholesterol Without Medicines

Cholesterol – the villain to our body equilibrium that invites many diseases freely to our body. Is it possible to control cholesterol without medicines? Yes, absolutely yes. Through proper diet, it’s control and through drinking enough water, it’s possible to solve problems related to cholesterol.

Cholesterol plays an important role in strokes and heart attack. It’s nothing, butexcess deposits of fatsin our internal organs like blood vessels blocking free flow of blood and oxygen. Not only cholesterol, more than 15 factors can influence health of your heart. So, lowering cholesterol alone can’t guarantee 100% healthy heart, it depends on many otherfactors too. Our body equilibrium is disturbed when at least one among the seven factors, nutrition equilibrium, oxidation equilibrium or any one else is affected. So, it has been noted that minute change of body equilibrium for at least one of these factors can give you many diseases and problems. So, instead of medicines if you give preference to controls in healthy way, you can find solutions to may problems for sure.

Change the in-equilibrium
When body equilibrium is restored many markers of diseases including cholesterol will be erased off permanently. It gives solutions to your diseases as well. When you put control on inputof calories you can bringconsiderable change in the in-equilibrium.
How to do food control?
Food control doesn’t mean leave your favourite food forever. Instead take it in 5 intervals. Also, never forget to drink 1.5 glasses of water 15 minutes before food intake. When you try to eat the same food 5 times a day, you will feel bored with it and reduce the intake.
Drink well to reduce appetite
Never giving sufficient water to our body is one among those reasons for obesity. Give it water in plenty so that waste and fat deposits of our body get removed easily through washing process. Also, drinking acup of water just before meals can reduce intake of food considerably. Give importance to fresh water than coffee, tea and carbonated drinks.
Exercise, but only moderate
If you take care of boththe above points, you can see its results quickly. Such persons need to do exercises only moderate. Heavy exercise after reduce ofintake calories and increase of water can harm your body. Make your mind stress free now. Stress can also increase food intake resulting in excess cholesterol and blood pressure.

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