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Me & My Wife’s Aunt

I recently got with one of my
wife’s aunts. She is a very tall
thick black woman, nice dark
skin, about44, but in very nice
shape and very attractive, but
she is also one of those very
devout Mandir ladies if you
know what I mean, so I never
even really thought anything
could ever happen, because
from what my wife and her
mom had said, she had not been
with a man in like 12 years.
From all I ever heard it was God!
Now like I said she is tall, about
5′-8″ thick and this woman has
a fantastic big ass and tits to go
with it, she looks fucking great
in a dress,
He’ll never saw her in jeans or
anything, always dresses. Well
she was trying to do some fliers
on her computer and was
having problems, and my wife’s
mom called and asked my wife
to ask me if I could help her out.
Well I tried to resolve the issue
over the phone and was getting
no results, and since she does
not live all that far, I told my
wife I would just pop over there
and resolve the issue. Well when
I got there she met me at the
door in this big heavy bathrobe,
not like some sexy type, just a
big cotton robe. She showed me
to the computer and told me she
need to shower to get ready for
going to meet some of the other
ladies at her church.
I said ok and jumped right to
work, getting the printer
working and such. A little while
later she came out, in the robe
with a towel on her head, and
asked how it was going, I said
fine and she told me she was
going to get herself ready, I just
said cool. Well a few min. later
had the issue resolved and sent
her stuff to print, her room is
like right across the hall and the
door was open, so I just got up
to tell her. Right as I was
stepping to her door, she was
standing there, her clothes laid
out on the bed, before I could
say anything she untied her
robe and dropped it to the floor,
and bent over to get her
Oh my fucking god her ass
looked fantastic, and I let out
one of those low “damn” type
gruff sounds and she realized I
was there, and turned, and went
to get her robe. I just stood
there staring, and said your
printer is fixed, but also just
stood there looking at her. Fuck
at 44 this woman was fucking
hot. Ok, yes she had a bit of a
tummy, but not bad at all, and
my god, some damn big tits, yes
they did not sag a bit for her
age they still looked awesome.
Well she looked at me and said
prince do you mind, she had not
covered up yet, I came out of
my daze and stare, and I
somewhat came to my senses
and said sorry and was getting
ready to head out of the room,
she asked me to close the door
and as I turned to head out and
close the door she also turned
and bent back over the bed. Well
I looked back just before
leaving, sneak another peek, and
when I saw her, I closed the
door all right, I was still in the
room though. I figured oh what
the hell, and I walked up to her,
put my hands on her bare hips,
she went to stand, and asking
me what the hell I was doing.
But I was bent over her too and
I just whispered in her ear to
not stand up, and with that I
just kind of slid back, keeping
my hands on her hips, but what
surprised me is that she did not
stand up, she just stayed there
like that, I slowly ran my hands
over her back and down back to
her hips and soon I was kneeling
there, with her ass right in my
face, this big fucking beautiful
ass. Well I began to run my
hands over her ass and I heard
this low moan, the way she was
bent over was perfect, I had the
perfect view of her ass and
pussy from behind.
I slowly ran my hands over her
ass and down her legs and back
up, just exploring, all the time I
could hear her lowly moaning,
but she did not try to stand up,
and this is what really surprised
me at first, but hell, I was in my
own place at that time. I began
to softly kiss her ass and was
moving towards her pussy,
softly kissing and inhaling
deeply taking in all of her scent.
I got to her pussy and took in a
deep breath and then exhaled
over her pussy, my hands now
gently spreading her ass cheeks
some, and I moved in slowly, I
kissed her pussy softly and
again she moaned deeply.
I them slowly moved in more
and inserted my tongue and
slowly licked her pussy from
bottom to top. To say she
moaned would be an
understatement. It was a loud
animal moan, and she leaned
forward putting more of her
weight on the bed. She was
resting herself on the bed now
and had spread her legs apart
some, allowing me even better
access, and thus I began to
probe deeper with my tongue,
as she moaned and sighed,
when I finally got to her clit and
took the first lick and suck of
her clit she literally screamed out
“Oh my
God” and with that climbed up
onto the bed and really placed
her ass and pussy up in the air,
and with that I just devoured
that pussy from behind (I love
eating pussy from behind this
way, I think it is the best).
During this time I was also
removing my clothes, shirt and
shoes, pants and such, but
trying not to break the
attention I was giving her
pussy. Oh my god it was
incredible to hear this woman, I
think that had to be the best
part of the entire experience,
was hearing this woman, who
had not had sex in 12 years (she
told me later) panting, moaning
and groaning,
Crying out for me not to stop,
and then when it hit, the first
orgasm she went wild and slid
onto the bed and turned over
with her legs spread, and what a
sight, she was big, thick, and
trembling, shaking, shuddering,
the look on her face, in her eyes,
just this trance like stare, a
totally pleasure filled daze (as
she later told me) over her face.
But I was not done, I dove right
into that pussy, spreading her
legs more, and this is where I
went in for the kill as I will call it.
I went back to her pussy and
went right for her clit, and
began to suck on it, hold it with
my lips and flick it with my
With this she reached down
with both hands and grabbed
my hair, wrapping my hair
painfully in her fingers (god I
thought she was going to pull it
out) and pulling me hard into
her pussy and she began to
grind and fuck my tongue,
grinding so hard I thought she
would break my nose (and
when she came the second time,
she almost did), and actually
made me cut my lip a little. I
could not believe it, here was
this incredibly straight laced
religious woman, going buck
wild as I totally enjoyed every
bit of her pussy.
But now I was beginning to
hurt I was so hard, and when
she released me from her grip, I
moved up, kissing her stomach,
soon positioning myself just
over her, looking her in the eyes
when my cock touched her
pussy and the head slipped into
her. Her eyes opened wide and
she looked right into mine, and I
slid my cock into her in one long
slow motion, again she moaned
out loudly, it was fantastic, this
woman was so tight, her pussy
had a very firm grip on my cock
and I began to pump in and out,
slowly building up my pace, then
slowing down and enjoying her
wonderful big breasts as I
fucked her.
She has got the largest nipples,
and aureoles about the size of
saucers, and so dark. She would
moan deep as I sucked and bit
on her nipples, they swelled up
so much, just perfect. I just kept
a nice steady pace and listened
to her moans and soft cries,
saying “Oh God, God yes it feels
good” I think I only lasted about
15 min, god I was fighting it,
but I soon pushed into her with
all I had and came in her pussy.
When I came she again opened
her eyes and looked at me with,
I do not want to say surprise,
but she did let me know she felt
me cum, and god did I cum hard,
I came so hard it felt like I broke
something. I held myself over
her looking at her face, and she
was smiling and breathing hard.
I moved beside her and she
looked at me and said, give me a
min. She then grabbed her cell
phone on the night stand, called
her friend, and told her she was
going to be late. We went at it 2
more times, her on top and me
hitting it from behind, which
allowed me to look at her nice
ass the entire time. Later she
told me how long it had been,
and although she did not exactly
plan on anything happening,
when it did, she decided she
was, as she said, ”
Not going to leave this earth
without having some good sex
one more time”. Oh, I will be
going over to work on her
computer a little more. By the
way I love to have sex give and
get pleasure is my motto si if
anyone from in & around
Mumbai want to have some
good to me.. also into kinky
stuff.. just tell me your kinks if
any & will go along & will really
be u r kink able partner..

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