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My trip to udaipur with 4 men part 2

Hello everyone i am anita and here i am writing second part of my story, read my first story (link above). i was tired as hell so i just slept. it was a good relaxing sleep. we reached at udaipur at 7 am. i asked them to drop me at ambamata which they did happily. driver did charge me so i saved 600 rs or you can say they fucked me for 100 rs each :). i took a auto and reached hotel lake view where i have booked a room as i researched its a hotel where foreigner stay a lot. in auto i was thinking may be i got a good ass that why they fucked my ass more and only driver fucked my cunt. same time i was thinking that left guy didnt get my ass or cunt. i missed his attitude down their.
Hotel was ok i went to my room, i removed all my clothes and went straight to washroom and there i noticed how hard they have fuck my ass its paining a lot. i came out and went in bed nude then i noticed a number is written on my left wrist i called that number it was MY LORD the left guy he asked me to be in touch and said i am hot and i deserve better fuck. now its my time to show attitude i said i am a bit busy and call him when get free. and i slept with aim to have more fun when i will wake up.
I wake up at 4 pm i was feeling fresh now. then i checked from my window and to my pleasure there were a lot of foreigner. most of them were white and two were black. (i have read it on net that black guys have longest and fattest cock). i called my roommate harnisha and told her about my last night and told i will be there. i wear a saadi and booked a taxi for satkar marriage palace. little i knew that this indian traditional dress will help me to get my hubbies for tonight
in stairs there were to foreigners and as they see me and asked to get clicked with them. And bitch in me starting making plan. i check them out they were little older than me may be 30. both were tall and handsome with good body i told them sorry as i am getting late and i also promise i will see them when i will back and they can click as many pic as they want.#068ca6a3
I asked them their room no. one of them joked that they sleep early. i told them with a smile not to lock their room . he laughed and said they dont wear much clothes when sleep. YES, THINGS ARE GOING WHERE I WANT, I WILL GET TWO COCKS. i too laugh and said it good for me i have never seen a foreigner nude before. they both laugh and one asked me NOT even in porns?? And i know its my turn i just walked to him and catch his cock which was soft and to my luck more then 5” long even then, i kissed him and said you cant touch him in porn , DO YOU? he kissed me bank and said he will touch me deep tonight.
Then i left for wedding.
Wedding was fine . my roommates husband was ok and the way he is looking at me i knew i can get him to lick my ass any day. and to tease him during a photo i seat on his lap and within second i noticed movement of his cock which i appreciate with press and movement of my butts. when i stand up and look at him i saw my slave:) and for your knowledge bridegroom got something really fat but i think he lack in length but fatness was something which i will like to try one day. i went near his year and told him to add me on facebook.
In last day we all went for a group dance and in dance a handsome uncle started dancing with me. then DJ played a couple song and all couple starting dancing and uncle start dancing with me as couple. initially i thought what the fuck but then i thought fuck ya thats what i want to do on this trip let make this oldy a bit lucky. and i started to behave like a couple with him
i was feeling good and with lyrics of song i turned and put my ass on his dick and push my ass and i felt……. god has written fat cock to feel in my life today………
His cock was fat and couldnt fit between my butts and it was like 2 cock together on my ass crack. and it was longer than my ass crack too. i was like O GOD…….. or may be i was dreaming;) he was become more bold he was pressing my both boobs with lyrics. we enjoyed for good 10 minutes. then i asked my roommates that i am leaving have to catch a bus in early morning. when i was leaving i saw same uncle he asked me may i drop u some where. i said ok. but i was confused what to do with this uncle as he is known to my friend, should i fuck with him , should i involve foreigner and him too, KISS KO DU AAJ APNI ;). i finalized that i will do with him some other day and let him feel that he got me by trick and i am a SHARIFF GIRL OTHERWISE and he will lot tell anything to my friend.

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