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•´¯`•)»(Lychee Fruit)«(•´¯`•

Benefits Of Lychee
Lychee is a juicy fruit belonging to
the soapberry family. It is a tropical
fruit tree, widely found in southern
China, southern Taiwan, northern
Vietnam, Indonesia and the
Philippines. Indiaalso has lychee as
a seasonal summer fruit. The fruit
grows on an evergreen tree, with
pinnate leaves. It is a drupe,
externally covered by a pink-red
rough textured rind, easily
removable. Lychee contains sweet
layered white flesh, enveloping a
brown colored seed. The taste
somewhat resembles that of
grapes and is also quite juicy.
Apart from its sweet and tangy
flavor, Lychee has significant health
and nutritional benefits. To know
about the nutritional value of
lychee, read on.
Nutritional Value of One CupLychee
(190 g)
*.Water - 155.34 g
*.Energy - 125 kcal
*.Protein - 1.58 g
*.Total lipid (fat) - 0.84 g
*.Ash- 0.84 g
*.Carbohydrate - 31.41 g
*.Total Dietary Fiber - 2.5 g
*.Sugars - 28.94 g
*.Calcium - 10 mg
*.Iron - 0.59 mg
*.Magnesium - 19 mg
*.Phosphorus - 59 mg
*.Potassium - 325 mg
*.Sodium - 2 mg
*.Zinc - 0.13 mg
*.Copper - 0.281 mg
*.Manganese - 0.105 mg
*.Selenium - 1.1 mcg
*.Vitamin C - 135.9 mg
*.Thiamin - 0.021 mg
*.Riboflavin - 0.124 mg
*.Niacin - 1.146 mg
*.Vitamin B - 6 0.19 mg
*.Folate - 27 mcg
*.Choline - 13.5 mg
*.Vitamin E - 0.13 mg
*.Vitamin K - 0.8 mcg
*.Fatty acids, total
monounsaturated - 0.228 g
*.Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated
- 0.251 g
*.Tryptophan - 0.013 g
*.Lysine - 0.078 g
*.Methionine - 0.017 g
Health & Nutritional Benefits of
Eating Lychee
*.Lychee helps in increasing the
energy of the body.
*.It increases fluids in the body,
which are required for good
*.It enhances the feeling of well
*.Lychee is extremely rich in
Vitamin C and contains
approximately 40 percent more
vitamin C than orange.
*.It even has high levels of Beta
carotene, greater than that found
in carrots.
*.Lychee is considered diuretic and
*.It contains unsaturated fatty
acids, which help in the absorption
of beta carotene, andmany other
fat soluble vitamins.
*.It even helps to prevent blood
clots, severe cell damage and
reduces strokes, up to 50%, in
heart attack patients.
*.It is a good source of
carbohydrates and fiber, which are
quite essential for the body.

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