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cashew fruit - Animals/Nature

•´¯`•)»(Cashew Fruit)«(•´¯`•

The cashew nut is a kidney shaped
seed that grows at the end of the
cashew fruit. Cashew nuts are
loaded with “good” fatsand are a
rich source of phytochemicals and
antioxidants.These chemicals
protect us from cancer and heart
disease. Here are some important
health benefits of cashew nuts.
What are Cashew Nuts?
The cashew nut is a kidney or
boxing-glove shaped nut of the
cashew tree that grows at the end
of the cashew fruit. The tree,
scientifically called Anacardium
occidentale , is mainlyfound in
equatorial South America. In the
late 16th century, the Portuguese
brought it to India and then it was
introduced to Asia and Africa.
Is a Cashew a Nut?
The cashew fruit, better known as
the cashew apple, is a pear-shaped
pseudo-fruit. The fruit has a strong
sweet smell and taste and is edible.
The cashew nut develops at the
end of the fruit. You might think a
cashew nut is a kind of a nut, but
botanically, it is a seed.
Contrary to the popular belief that
cashew nuts are loaded with fats,
experts say the fat isactually
monounsaturated fat, which
lowers bad cholesterol . Let’s learn
more about the health benefits of
cashew nuts:
(Image: The cashew fruit, courtesy:
Benefits of Cashew Nuts
According to health experts, eating
plenty of nuts cuts the risks of
heart disease. Most people are of
the opinion that nuts such as
cashews, almonds and peanuts
add more pounds. Experts rubbish
these claims because the fat in
nuts is actually unsaturated fats.
Cashew nuts are full of
monounsaturated fats. Frank
Hu,MD. PhD. lead researcher of the
Harvard School of Public Health
says that mono and
polyunsaturated fats lower bad
cholesterol, or LDLs (low density
Health benefits of cashew nuts are
aplenty. Cashews are rich in iron ,
phosphorus, selenium, magnesium
and zinc. They are also good
sources of phytochemicals and
antioxidants that protect us from
heart diseases and cancer. Rich in
protein, cashew nuts are
cholesterol free. Here are some
more benefits of cashew nuts:
• Cashew nuts boast a high
amount of dietary fiber, which has
a good effect on weight
management, but only when
moderately eaten.
• The magnesium content in
cashew nuts is beneficial for
promoting bone growth

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