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Cyber Bullying

Dear friends,

CYBERBULLING is when one person
or a group of people try to
threaten, tease or embarras
someone esle by using a mobile
phone or the internet.
CYBERBULLING is just as harmful as
bulling in the real world. If you see
it happaning, report it. Don't
ignore it.
¤Are you a part of it?
Those who take part in online
bullying often use a group of
friends to target their victims by
asking them to add a comment to
a photo on a blog, or asking them
to forward it onto another group
of frends. Sometimes, these people
even realise they are actually
bullying someone.
There are lots of different types of
cyberbullying. These are the main
Sending emails that can be
threatening or upsetting.
Emails can be sent directly to a
single target, or to a group of
people to encourage then to
become part of the bullying.
These massages or 'hate mails' can
include examples of racism, sexism
and other types of prejudice.
If someone sends yot a massage
and you forward or laugh at it, you
are actually adding to the problem.
Instant messenger and chatrooms
sending instant messenger and
chatroom messages to friends or
direct to a victim.
Others can be invited into the
bullying conversation, who then
become part of it by laughing.
Social networking sites
Setting up profiles on social
networking sites to make fun to
someone. By visiting these pages
or contributing to them, you
become part of the problem and
add to the Cyberbullying cannot
physically hurt you, it can still leave
you feeling mentailly vulnerable
and very upset . You can also feel
scared, lonely and stressed and
that there z no way out.
Escaping cyberbullying can be very
Because anyone can get access to
a mobile phone or the internet
almost anywhere, it can be tough
for those on the receiving end to
avoid it, even in the safety of their
own home.
Alina Ansari

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