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...::how to install a software in pc:::..

here u cn know to instal a software in pc on many window

How to install a software
program can depend on
the operating system
being used and the
program being installed.
Because of all the different
possibilities, we have
created the below steps as
guidelines for installing
programs in each of the
major operating systems.
Notice: This document
has been created as a
basic overview on how to
install software programs,
games, and utilities on
your computer. If errors
are encountered during
the installation, this
document will not cover
those errors.
General Tips
Microsoft Windows users
MS-DOS Users
General Tips
Make sure your
computer meets the
requirements of the
program, game, or
utility you are
attempting to install.
The manuals for the
program or the
readme file located in
the same directory as
the install commonly
contain exact
instructions on how to
install a program.
After installing or
during the installation,
a program may need
to install other
programs, files, or
utilities before it is able
to run. If this is the
case, the program will
commonly prompt
you to install the
program or you may
need to run a separate
install before the
program can be fully
When installing a
program, utility, or
game, it is always a
good idea first to close
or disable any other
programs that are
After installing a new
program if it prompts
you to reboot the
computer, do it.
Microsoft Windows
Many software programs,
games, and utilities have
an AutoPlay feature that
will automatically start the
setup screen for the
software program when
the CD is placed in the
computer. If your
program, game, or utility
contains this feature, run
the installation through the
screen that appears after
inserting the disc.
If you are installing a
program, game, or utility
that does not contain this
feature or you are
installing a program from
a floppy diskette, follow
the below steps.
1. Open My
2. Within the My
Computer window,
open the drive that
contains the
installation files. For
example, if the files
are on a floppy
diskette, open the
A: drive. If they're
on a CD or DVD
open the D: drive
or the letter of the
disc drive.
3. Within the drive
that contains your
files, locate either a
setup or install
file. Double-clicking
on this file should
start the installation
for the program,
game, or utility. If
you see multiple
setups or install
files, try to locate
theApplication file
or double-click
each of setup or
install files until you
find the file that
starts the
installation. Many
times the icons
associated with the
installation files
have the same
An alternate method of
starting the installation in
Microsoft Windows
1. Click Start and Run.
2. In the Run
Window, type x:
\setup or x:\install
where x is the letter
of the drive you
wish to start the
installation from.
For example, if you
are attempting to
install a program
from the floppy
disk drive you
would type a:
\setup or a:\install.
MS-DOS users
Users installing a program
from Microsoft DOS
should have a basic
understanding of the MS-
DOS commands. If you
are unfamiliar with any of
the commands listed
below, click the link to get
additional information and
examples on the
1. Before installing a
program in MS-
DOS, you must
switch to the drive
or directory that
contains the
installation files. If
you are installing a
program from a
CD or diskette,
switch to that
drive. If the
installation files are
located in a
different directory,
use the dir
command to list
the directories and
the cd command
to switch into the
2. Once you are in the
directory or drive
that contains the
installation files, run
the executable for
the setup. Many
times this can be
done by typing
setup or install at
the prompt to start
the installation. If
both of these
commands give a
bad command or
file name error
message, type dir
*.exe or dir
*.com or dir
*.bat. These
commands will list
any executable files;
if any files are
listed, execute these
files to run the
installation or setup
of the program. If
no files are listed
when typing all
three of the above
commands, it is
possible that either
you are in the
incorrect directory
or drive letter, or
that the program.

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