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Remove Trojan WIN32 Virus

How to Remove a Trojan Win32 Agent Malware Trojan Win32 Agent is a Type of Malware which is capable of installing software/ programs on your computer without your permission. The program installed will launch whenever your computer is restarted/rebooted. These types of Trojans may even steal your Data files according to the wish of the hacker. While you can get rid of a Trojan Win32 Agent manually, the removal process can be difficult for some, and in some cases may still not be enough to properly remove the infection. For most computer users, antivirus software will be the best method for both removing the trojan and protecting the computer from future infections. How to Remove it? * Download and install an antivirus program such as kaspersky Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, Avast Antivirus or any highly rated antivirus software. If the trojan has rendered you unable to connect to the Internet, download the software in Windows “Safe Mode with Networking.” If necessary, use another computer to download the software to a CD or USB drive, and then install the program from the device. * Run the antivirus program. Update the software ’s definitions; usually antivirus software, after installation, is not completely up-to-date. This means it might not be able to detect the Trojan Win32 Agent until it is updated. An update utility program is included with most antivirus software. Launch this utility upon running the software. * After the definitions have updated, use the software to designate which files and folders you want scanned. It’s usually a good idea to scan the entire hard disk. * Press the scan button and allow the software to search for the Trojan Win32 Agent. This may take anywhere from several minutes to a few hours. * Follow the antivirus software’s instructions on how to remove the trojan. Some antivirus software will automatically remove the infection; other such software will allow you to either quarantine or delete the infection. * Schedule your antivirus software to scan your drive at least once a week. Configure the software so that it will scan every file you download to make sure none are infected. Most virus removal software will do this automatically.

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