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SEPTEMBER 13, 1998

From: Ann MacKie-Nabil

This to inform you that any relationships - sexual or otherwise - that we have had with each other is, as of this moment, over with and permanently ended.
I should have ended it many years ago. In fact, I wish we had never got sexually involved with each other.
I was weak though and for many of those 17 years I truly loved and wanted you and would have done anything to please you even though you were domineeringly very cruel to me and now I very much doubt your love for me.
I was just an object of domination to you. I do remember that you never laid a hand on me except the playful spanking of my buttocks that you did during or lovemaking which I quite enjoyed.
I enjoyed when you licked, sucked and nibble not only my nipples but also my clit and when you tongue-fucked my pussy. No one can do that like you. You are also the best kisser a woman could have.
I also enjoyed sucking your cock and the way it felt inside me and the way you moaned and shook and trembled when you cum.
I never enjoyed when you fucked me hard or in my tiny arse. You made me bleed too much and I hated lying to the other girls at college and later even to my husband later, pretending to have irregular menstrual cycles.
We should have stopped fucking each other when I got married even though David [her husband] never made love to me like you.
In fact, I have been with many, many men, all of them, except two, younger than you, and some with dicks much more bigger than your 6inch cock but none of them have made love to me - or fucked me - as good as you.
I never enjoyed those menage-a-trois with you, me and Malcolm. Mostly because I didn't enjoyed being fucked by Malcolm.
I must admit I loved watching Malcolm fuck you and you squealing like a stuck pig and pleaded, '...please, please Uncle Arthur.' Though I still don't know who is Uncle Arthur or why you called Malcolm so. I especially loved when you bled like you used to make me.
I measured Malcolm once and he was 11 inches erect. It is a good think he became a priest because hardly any woman would have been able to take that baseball bat that was his cock.
I regret now that I enjoyed it so much then and feel guilty about this in light of Malcolm's recent suicide and this is partly the reason - after much meditation - why I have decided to completely sever our relationship and never speak to you again.
People have searched for reasons why Malcolm killed himself on that particular tuesday a week and a half ago.
He left no suicide note but am certain it has little to do with his uncle's death on a similiar day and date 28 years ago and also Malcolm's birthday.
I shall never forgot that day and a year and a half of therapy hasn't helped me forget the day David caught us fucking in the matrimonial bed in front of his 3 year old girl.
I don't know what I felt when I caught you after the funeral yesterday fucking Kate. It may have been jealousy though it should have been worse.
I knew - though you did not know that I knew - that when you were fucking me, you were also fucking my aunt but Aunt Maczin is 60 years old. Kate is only ** and the same age when you and I started fucking 17 years ago.
It is the mixed feelings that I have for you why later last night - really early this morning - after anger and tears I made you fuck me. But it will never happen again and I shall never speak to you again.
Kate may not communicate with me and I may not be her legal guardian but that doesn't change the fact that she is my daughter even if I did put her up for adoption. I can't stop her from seeing you though I am tempted to inform her adopted parents about your relationship with her.
You shall never see my daughter again though after this, not now, definitely not when she is 14. When she becomes an adult she can seek you out like what Kate has done.
I'm taking a stance in memory of Malcolm my only, now departed brother just as you are my only father if though as of this morning to me you are more dead than Malcolm.
Ann MacKie-Nabil

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