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Sex With A Beautiful Bhabie
> I am Jatin, Age 29 m from Mumbai. I always had a
> dream
> of having sex with some really sexy Bhabhi.
> Although I am not a virgin but still I really loved
> these incident that took place in my life which
> totally changed my life, so that's the reason I am
> writing it, Now to the Story, In our colony a woman
> moved into the opposite wing of my balcony. She is
> most GORGEOUS lady I have ever seen 36-26-36, I
> swear
> it. 5'8"; smooth, fair skin, beautiful, wavy, long
> blond hair; big blue eyes and a killer smile & her
> name was Romy. She was 30 years old and I really
> admire girls elder than me, within a short period of
> time we both becomes close friends as we faced each
> other balcony. She always used to call me whenever
> she
> was alone for chatting as we both became close
> friend's. I used to go whenever she called me and
> these continued for a period of 2 months and by the
> time we both became even much closer to each other
> and
> we used to do a normal chat. Whenever my friends
> came
> to my home she used to teased me and make comment on
> me.
> One day when we were talking in the afternoon when
> there was no body in her house, she asked me that
> how
> is my girl friend, much more and i answered all her
> question, she then asked me why not we turn on to
> sex
> conversation and she asked me that r u a virgin then
> I
> told her that yes I was a pure virgin, she was not
> at
> all ready to believe that I was a virgin, she said
> to
> me that I am lying to her, I then asked Romy Bhabhi
> that r u Satisfied with your husband then she told
> me
> that she was not. She was a very horny woman and she
> needed sex all the time & her husband was not able
> to
> satisfy her. Immediately as the conversation was
> going
> on my dick was erect. She saw that my dick was erect
> which was easily visible thought my pants. She then
> sat just close to me and started talking with me in
> a
> soft voice and then she started to move her hands on
> my hands and legs, which made me really horny. Then
> I
> understand that the Romy wanted to have sex with me
> so
> I hold her face and kiss softly on her lips and
> immediately she hold me and started a French kiss
> and
> soon our tongue were touching each other's. She took
> my hand in her hand and placed it on her left boob.
> She was wearing a black sari and a black blouse.
> Soon
> my hands started playing with her soft and smooth
> boobs and she was slowly moaning AAAAAAWWWWW
> Mannnnnnnn lady in black so damn beautiful I started
> squeezing her huge 36 C boobs slowly. And she
> started
> showering kisses on me I started kissing her back. I
> removed her pallu, which exposed more than half of
> her
> beautiful breast. As I continued kissing her I
> started
> opening her blouse and then her bra and her
> beautiful
> huge boobs were set free. AWWWWWWWW MANNNNNNNN that
> view of her boobs was the best. I had never seen
> such
> beautiful breast they were so firm felt like
> virgin's
> boobs (untouched). Without wasting a sec I started
> sucking her boobs making small circles around her
> nipples making me hard to suck on while I squeezed
> the
> left boob and crushed the nipple really very hard
> between my figure. I continued doing that for about
> 10
> minutes. She was moaning soooo loud I would have
> been
> deaf. She was really enjoying very much and by that
> time I got a little bold too I moved down licking
> her
> stomach then her navel. She was just wearing a
> petticoat I removed her petticoat and her pantie and
> my-o-my she had a beautiful and sexy pussy, which
> were
> shaved one. And I asked her that how come it's like
> that. She answered that her husband likes shaved
> pussy. Her pussy was pink and very soft. I started
> licking it. As I did it she started moaning and it
> made me horny as hell I started licking more and
> more
> faster she was squeezing her breast and moving her
> hand in my hairs. I pushed my finger inside her
> pussy
> it was not so tight that my single finger
> immediately
> went inside. I was imagining how will my 7" long
> cock
> will get in. but didn't cared about it that time.
> I moved my finger in and out, faster and faster. She
> was really moaning loud so I moved my other hand by
> which I was squeezing her boobs near her mouth and
> pushed a finger in her mouth and she started licking
> it she said "awwwwwww, mujhe bohut maza aaa raha
> hai.
> Ha aur zoor se zoor se" "mujhe tumhra lund chahiye
> abhi" and she made me sit on the edge of bed and
> removed my pants my cock made a tent of my
> underwear.
> She couldn't believe her eyes it was so huge and was
> throbbing out of my underwear. She saw in my eyes
> and
> said "tum ne mujhe aaj khush kar diya, itna bada
> lund
> tumne abhi tak mujhse door kyon rakha" and started
> sucking it. She took it really deep she said
> "tumhara
> lund to mere gale tak ja raha he" she took it really
> deep till my balls. Up and down, up and down as she
> was sucking she was looking in my eyes. She was
> tired
> so she slowed down, but I was really horny I said
> "zor
> se chooso romy" and grabbed her hair and pushed my
> cock deep in her mouth she started liking it and she
> increased her speed. I said "haaa aise he choos" and
> in a few seconds she made me CUMMMMMM. She was so
> thirsty she took it all inside and sucked me dry.
> She
> liked it so much that she started sucking it again,
> but I stopped her and said "pehle mujhe tumhari
> choot
> chaheye". I grabbed her hand and pulled her on the
> bed
> and I stood on my knees. The bed was short in the
> height and was the right size so that I can reach
> her
> pussy. I lifted both her legs high up in the air and
> I
> slowly pushed my 7" cock inside her pussy. It was
> not
> so tight I pushed it very slowly she couldn't even
> feel my cock moving.
> Her pussy was really warm and wet and my cock was
> sticky with my cum so it made it easy to push my
> cock
> inside. I pushed my cock completely inside. I
> started
> to pump slowly. I could see on her face that it was
> paining her she said "dhere se daal nahi". But she
> was
> enjoying I started moving faster she started to moan
> I
> started moving faster and faster she enjoyed it so
> much she was squeezing my ass and scratching it. I
> hold he from her waist and pushed really deep, deep
> as
> it went. I was gone mad and was fucking her like
> crazy

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